Alison Douglas

Director and Laboratory Manager

Alison has managed the laboratory and yeast banks at Brewlab for over 20 years. Prior to this she enjoyed 17 years working between the physical chemistry, microbiology, and analytical laboratories at Vaux brewery here in Sunderland. She admits to being a devoted ‘lab rat’ and never tires of learning new techniques.

Alison also visits breweries to assist with hygiene issues, Food Safety and internal training of their staff in all areas of Quality. Taste training and use of microscopes are the most popular courses she offers off site.

Alison quotes “Brewers never fail to be amazed when they first see wild type yeast and bacteria down a microscope. Tie that in with the resulting off flavours that are produced in the product and the brewer is hooked”.

She now oversees testing on a huge variety of beverages, including beers that push the boundaries, ciders, wines, spirits, cocktails, health drinks and cold coffees. She has vast knowledge and experience when troubleshooting and solving quality control problems, no matter where they occur in the brewing and distilling process.

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