This blog is designed to assist Indian entrepreneurs considering attending Brewlab to help start their brewing career.

Running a successful brewing business can be hugely rewarding and profitable. It’s a unique venture that mixes science, art, business and creativity. You get to run your own operation producing your own recipes and then get all the satisfaction of watching people enjoy them!

The craft beer scene has grown hugely over the last decade in the UK with the number of breweries and brands standing somewhere close to 1850. We’ve also seen that growth various replicated in countries around the world, particularly the USA.

We are receiving an increased number of enquires from India from people looking to get in early and take advantage of a surge in popularity and willingness to try craft beer.

We spoke to one recent Indian graduate about their Brewlab journey, right from the initial enquiry stage through to successful completion and safe return home. They were happy to share their thoughts and first hand experience.


Brewlab has been the launch pad for many successful brewing operations based in India. We have had numerous students attend our courses who have gone onto set up their own microbreweries. White Rhino Brewing Co, 2 Down Beer Co, Effingut Pune, Gateway and XOOX Brewmill were all established following Brewlab attendance in recent years.

Where to get started?

Brewlab delivers a range of courses that can suit most would-be brewers requirements. We offer short intensive and longer more in depth courses that can prepare you for all aspects of a brewery business.  We place a key emphasis on delivering the best training in the most efficient time frame possible.

Our short courses can provide a thorough introduction to the industry, covering all the realities and likely challenges.

Our 3-week Certificate and 9-week Diploma courses are our premium products that mix together brewing theory, practical experience, sensory evaluation, quality assurance and business concepts. The practical aspects are a major feature of both courses as from experience; we believe this is the best way students learn. We build in brew days where you develop and brew your own recipes as well as placement days where you spend time in commercial breweries.

We have a range of graduate interviews available to watch on our website – they feature students from a variety of countries and backgrounds, including India. Each student shares their journey and experiences during the course. Click here to view.

We are aware many students cannot visit UK for various reasons such as employment, finance, or visa criteria. For that reason, we have introduced an online program. This course offers a full online education that can develop knowledge and understanding to the IBD General Certificate level.

So right now you might be interested to attend but have initial questions about eligibility, travel or simply what to expect. We have put together and answered the most common questions potential Indian students have asked:

Is the Certificate or Diploma a qualification I can use to enter the industry?

Both courses are proven to deliver everything you need to start your own brewing business. Due to the length of the course, the Diploma includes more practical experience and more in depth sessions.

Am I eligible? What are the entry requirements?

The Brewlab courses are open to all and there are no formal prerequisites required to enrol. We do say a basic understanding of maths and chemistry is beneficial for the recipe development sessions, but not essential as our tutors can assist where necessary. All courses are delivered in English. We let you judge your own ability to undertake the training.

What is a typical class size/dynamic?

 As mentioned Brewlab is open to all and international students are most welcome, and indeed commonly make up the majority of the class. We take up to 12 per class to allow for optimal time with tutors whilst in the classroom and during practical brewing.

Is accommodation provided?

We include accommodation in the course fee for Certificate and Diploma. If you wanted to explore your own option then we can remove that from the course fee.

What visa do I require?

With Brewlab not classed as a College or University you would be unable to apply for a student visa. Previous students have applied for tourist visas and then attended Brewlab whilst in the country.

We urge you to go through the UK immigration website before you apply for the visa as it would be wise to read the Visa requirements and impact of COVID19 restrictions.

This link provides you the official, up to date details as provided by the UK immigration office:

In most cases you would apply for a standard visitor visa which is valid for less than 6 months.

Please do not provide false information about your purpose of visit to UK. Do provide supporting documents such as your financial details, confirmation letters from Brewlab, overseas travel health Insurance certificate etc.

How much do I need to live in the UK?

India, being a diverse country in culture and food has different living style from region to region but here are some common points which have helped previous students.

The below link provides approximate living expenditure for Sunderland – it was provided by an Indian student who lived here during the course. He found that the prices mentioned are very close the expenses he incurred during his stay.

His general expenses during the stay were somewhere £1200-£1400 per month in addition to the accommodation. But he agrees that in general students spend somewhere between £600 and £1000 per month.

Total expenses

The total expense varies from person to person and the style of living as well. There is a short mid-course break of 10-12 days and students do have the option to travel around the country – some students try to explore the brewery scene in other parts of Europe so there are additional expenses that are not included here.

In addition to this you would be paying for your Visa fee and a return ticket from India to UK and vice verse thus those expenses and in-flight expenses are additional and not mentioned.

Is funding available?

Brewlab doesn’t offer financial support to undertake training.

Can I Stay Back in UK after the course?

Yes, you can live up to six months on a regular UK standard visitor visa or the time allowed in your visa.

Can I find a Job in UK after the course?

The answer is tricky. You may apply for a job during your stay but it’s highly unlikely that you would be accepted because as per the UK regulation, any employer hiring a foreigner must check if the candidate has the employment visa before they can hire someone.  And your standard visitor visa  does not allow you to work under any circumstances in the UK.

Please read the UK visa regulation more carefully.

The Brewlab experience is intended to educate you, widen your network with brewers here and shape your career in brewing.

We expect that students would return to their homeland either to start their entrepreneur journey of opening a brewing or to join a brewery and achieve new heights in brewing science. You may apply for a job in the UK while you are in India and once you have been selected you can apply for the work permit to enter the UK.

Can I apply for the Online Course from Brewlab

If you are interested to enrol on the online programme, we can provide extra information and links to example materials. You would not require any prior knowledge of brewing to begin learning at your own pace.

Brewlab has support staff available to answer all queries potential students have, so if you require further information please drop us a message though or via one of our social media channels. We can also arrange a Whatsapp, Skype of Zoom call.

If you still wish to chat to one our previous students with any additional queries we can ask them to take out some time from their busy brewing schedule and share some words with you.

Cheers and hope to see you at Brewlab soon!

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