As breweries plan for life after lockdown and to restart production, there are a whole range of checks to carry out and challenges that may arise. Have a read of the ‘Back to Brewing – Unlocking the Lockdown‘ blog post to better understand the key procedures to follow.

As part of the restart project, we have put together three discounted analysis packages that will be available through to the end of September. Please contact or call 0191 549 9450 for further information.

Package 1: Analysis of Beer in Tanks

ABV and micro assessment of beer held in tank.

Benefits:  An ABV measurement will let you know if your beer is still in specification for labelling requirements – extended maturation may allow additional fermentation and raise the ABV above your specification.  Although the trading standards requirements are quite broad eg, +/-0.5 ABV for many beers it is possible to exceed the allowance.  In addition, an ABV measurement will ensure that your Revenue and Customs declaration is correct and that you do not infringe duty payments. A micro assessment will give you an indication if you beer has deteriorated significantly and if it is likely to survive in trade.  While flavour in tank may be satisfactory a build up of microorganisms will reduce shelf life such that your beer may not be satisfactory when served.

Normal price: £68.25 inc VAT (£56.87 exc VAT)

Offer price: £50 inc VAT (£40 exc VAT)

Package 2: Quality Assurance of first brew back

Micro analysis of first brew back

Benefits: A more extensive survey of your brewery system is desirable to check that there are no residues of contamination and that your first brew through is clean.  It will also give you an indication of shelf life.  A period of underuse has potential for pockets of microorganisms to grow and produce biofilm which can contaminate your system – particularly if cleaning and closure was rushed.  A sequential audit of your first brew will indicate not only where any contamination has developed but also indicate what microbes are present for future comparisons. 

5 samples to take –

  1. Wort ex paraflow
  2. Wort ex FV
  3. Pitched fv or yeast
  4. Beer x ct (if used)
  5. Beer ex cask/keg/bottle

Normal price:  £38.36 inc VAT per Micro (£32.36 each exc vat)

Offer price: All 5 micros for £100 inc vat (£80 exc VAT)

*Onsite brewery audits are available to sample and troubleshoot issues.

Offer 3: Priority Yeast Supply (limited availability)

Benefits: Guarantees propagation ready for collection within 2 or 3 weeks. This is a no obligation list, nothing is logged or invoiced until the actual orders are confirmed. Regular prices apply to product.

Benefits: A fresh yeast culture is essential when starting fresh from lockdown. Old cultures will have deteriorated and should be discarded well away from your brew location.  A fresh culture will be grown from our stock and be clean and primed to go.  However, it is always advisable to brew a smaller volume than normal with a new culture and to maintain temperatures in the low 20oC’s to enhance growth.  Ideally start with a low gravity brew so the yeast has limited stress and use your new yeast as soon after receipt as possible.

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