If you think about it. Every one of us is influenced in some way by stories. Whether it be the fairy tales we read as a child, stories from history, from religious texts or from books, films and TV. Stories play a huge part in all our lives.

The Monomyth, or the hero’s journey, is a commonly used story structure that involves a hero who is called on an adventure, leaving their normal lives and entering an unknown world.

Along their journey, our hero meets a wise mentor who provides them with the insight and knowledge they need to overcome a series of difficult challenges and then, at a decisive point, the hero achieves a significant victory and returns positively changed or transformed.

Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Hunger Games and many more follow this narrative arc.

“Hold on.” I hear you say. “What has this got to do with brewing?” Well, If you’ve ever harboured ambitions of a career in brewing you’ll know that it’s a calling. And, if you’re not familiar with it, the world of brewing can seem mysterious with its strange terminology, processes and equipment.

So, if you are starting out on your own brewing journey, how can you ensure you return the all-conquering hero and that your story does not end up as a tragedy?

We believe that you should seriously consider investing in professional training. It’s a sure fire way to ensure you embark on a proven path to becoming a successful brewer.

Brewlab training has been the foundation of many successful careers and start-up breweries stories. Our courses are delivered by passionate industry experts and provide a deep, practical understanding of brewing.

And, just like Dumbledore, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Haymitch Abernathy, we take a mentorship approach to training.

At Brewlab you will learn both theory and practice with extensive hands-on brewing to provide you with confidence in your abilities. We teach you the concepts of the brewing process, the mechanics of recipe formulation and the processes necessary to produce a high-class product time after time.

Our courses integrate the many skills required by a professional brewer. Raw material selection and handling, wort production, fermentation and conditioning, packaging and quality assurance. Some courses also include business skills, such as marketing and sales and take you through how to design and build your own brew system and avoid the mistakes made by others.

Our advanced facilities enable you to develop your beers on experimental and commercial scales from 25 to 400 litres and even the opportunity to trial market your finished product in local outlets. Our brew systems include packaging in bottle, keg and cask and we have extensive laboratory resources for you to assess beer quality and character.

Brewlab tutors are all experienced brewers and accredited by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD), indeed many of our students progress to achieve IBD qualifications on the basis of our instruction.

When you enrol on a Brewlab course we will provide you with a fully informative guide to brewing as notes and workbooks, via web resources, tutorials, lectures and workshops.

We organise placements in commercial breweries so you can experience a variety of brew systems and meet the brewing fraternity. This will give you a real and honest view of the life of a brewer. Many of our students remain in touch with their placements and exchange information for their future developments.

Our courses are accredited for Certificate and Diploma awards by One Award body. To ensure they are delivered to the highest of standard.

We give you our full attention and an integrated package to assist your learning programme. We provide full career support. Not a one-off, limited view of brewing or an add-on to the purchase of your equipment but a route to a successful career, a career we can both be proud of.

A Brewlab course will be transformational in your quest to become a professional brewer ready to seek employment or start out on your own. Many Brewlab graduates are now working in the industry across the world. Read their stories here.

“Not only would I recommend Brewlab to anyone who asks, but I would encourage anyone who is unsure to take a leap of faith. This course singlehandedly gave me an opportunity to turn a hobby into a career interest. I would have definitely worked in a boring cubicle and never had the chance to truly spread my wings if it weren’t for this wonderful program. I cannot say enough positive things about the program itself and its unbelievable staff. They gave me and my classmates a 360-degree view of the brewing world and allowed me to see how special this industry can be. Not to mention, their practical applications, lab time, and classroom time are a perfect mix to help anyone learn anything they need to know to jump right into the game. Brewlab is a special place and the relationships I made as a student are some that I will remember for the rest of my life.” Brewlab graduate

If you would like to find out how we can help you along your brewing journey, please check our range of courses or email richard@brewlab.co.uk.

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