We were approached by a company in early October to see if we could put together an on-line course for their work team. A phone call was made to set up the event and we were able to ascertain who their customers were and the scope of what they wanted to learn. We were also able to see that their team consisted a mixture of highly technical scientists together with sales specialists based throughout Europe. From this we were able to formulate a series of talks showing the brewing process from the perspective of the medium to larger size international breweries and focus upon the aspect of brewing which their product was aimed at. Most of the presentations at Brewlab tend to lean towards the craft brewing side, so this series of talks used extensive knowledge and photographs illustrating what goes on in larger brewing manufacturing units and the processes the larger brewers use. So, the content was geared to what we thought the client needed to know to make their work more effective.

We agreed to host the day at the end of November using Microsoft Teams software with a Brewlab specialist brewer providing the content and a person from the client controlling the Microsoft Teams link. This worked well as the controller was able to take the questions typed on the Teams link and ask the brewer at convenient time those questions. This led to many discussions one of which was the manufacturer of low alcohol beers.

As part of the service, we were able to use our on-line teaching web site called Moodle and we set up an exclusive learning site for the client giving them access. This not only enabled the client’s employees to access the content of the presentations at any time but we were able to provide extra content. Given the interest in low alcohol beer production we were able to make available for the client a module on this subject. Also, it is the intention to add to the Moodle teaching the recordings of the day.

Finally, the client suggested a tasting of beer. We agreed to select a range of beers available throughout Europe so that at the end of the day we could drink and discuss those beers in terms of style and brewing technique. This was a good ending to a long day and show what can be done with careful planning on-line.

Brewlab do a whole range of bespoke training from starting up a brewery to a nine-week residential course. This is one example of one of the things we can do. If you are interested in bespoke on-line or classroom training. Look us up at brewlab.co.uk or contact us at info@brewlab.co.uk or +44 (0)191 549 9450.

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