Redemption London

What inspired you to do the Brewlab course?
I used the course as a platform for understanding what was involved in setting up a microbrewery. It was still early days in my research as to whether I felt it would work, so I wanted the course to provide me with a few more answers.

What areas of the Brewlab course were most beneficial to you?
The areas which focused on some of the regulatory requirements and detailed some of the cleaning requirements and the science behind cleaning.

How are you finding running your own brewery?
Hard work, but fun. It’s very satisfying producing something real that gives people pleasure and allows you to express yourself.

How much beer do you produce and where do you distribute to?
We produce 40-50 barrels a week and distribute mainly within the M25

Do you have a recipe you are most proud of?
All our recipes are quite different and have had various influences and choosing one is like picking your favourite child. They are always being tweaked as the raw materials change every season.

What plans do you have for the future?
Continue to focus on producing great drinkable beers which reflect what we are about. Our brewery is based on quality so as we move forward any growth needs to go hand in hand with quality and consistency.

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