Saltaire Brewery

Tony Gartland and Derek Todd first met when they came on the Diploma brewing course in February 2005. Tony was looking for a more active career after success in the legal world and Derek was a chemical engineer for a pharmaceutical firm.

Both had a vision of brewing as a means of combining a desire for a physical occupation with a business based on real products. Brewlab provided the opportunity for them to combine their talents and initiate the Saltaire brewery.

Tony found the brewery premises in 2005. It was a disused Victorian electricity generating station close to the centre of Saltaire, unused for decades. Renovation required a solid year of brickwork and ironwork, creating an extended period of planning for ergonomic brewery design and layout.

Derek was engaged to help brew and manage the brew house and the brewery opened in June 2006. 5 traditional beers are now produced selling into numerous pubs in the north of England as well as the bar in the brewery itself.

Saltaire’s premium beer, Cascade Pale Ale, won the 2007 SIBA Gold award, the ultimate standard of achievement from the brewing industry itself.

Saltaire brewery uses Brewlab services and yeast and is keen to maintain a high level of technical understanding on site. Tony confirms the value of Brewlab’s connection “New products require flexible brewing skills and good awareness of new technology. Brewlab provided the basis for these with its Diploma programme and we look forward to applying all our knowledge as we develop products in the future”.

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