Savour Beer

What inspired you to do the Brewlab course?

I wanted to get a much better understanding into the process of making beer and what was involved in running a brewery. Brewlab was the best option as it combined the science with the practical experience and proved greatly beneficial in starting my own brewery.

What areas of the Brewlab course were most beneficial to you?

The science behind brewing beer was the most beneficial. Prior to attending the course, I only had a basic understanding of the brewing process and learning the science in detail proved very beneficial.

How beneficial did you find the practical side of the Brewlab course?

Being able to visit working breweries was very helpful as there is only so much you can learn in the classroom! Seeing what is involved on a daily basis and speaking to people who have been through the process was hugely beneficial.

Was there a part of the course you particularly liked/enjoyed?

The two brewing sessions at Brewlab where we made our own beer. That was the first batch of beer I ever brewed and putting all of what we had learnt into practice was great. It wasn’t without mistakes the first time however!

Where do you work now?

After leaving Brewlab I founded my own brewing company; Savour Beer, based in Windsor.

What is your position?

I’m the only employee so I think ‘Head of Everything’ is more suitable than ‘Director’.

If you decided you set up yourself, how is it going?

It’s been an incredibly tough but enjoyable journey so far. Stating any business on your own from scratch is always difficult and I made a lot of mistakes in the early days. I’m pleased to say business is growing, the beers are finding a much wider audience and 2015 is set to be great year. The knowledge gained at Brewlab was invaluable in being able to rectify the mistakes made in the early days.

How much beer do you produce?

All of our beer goes into bottle and we produce around 15HL/month at the moment.

Do you have a recipe you are most proud of?

The Sparkling Beer Brut (our Champagne-style beer produced in conjunction with an English Sparkling winery) is the beer I am most proud of. It’s a 10.5% ABV Belgian style golden ale that took 18 months to develop but has been a fantastic success.

What plans do you have for the future?

I’ve got a couple of products in the pipeline that will hopefully be released May/June 2015. Other than that, the main focus is to grow the business and get our beers into more drinkers’ hands.

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