WooHa Brewery

When setting up WooHa Brewing Company, former microbiologist and founder Heather McDonald chose to do the 3 Week Practical Brewing Certificate at Brewlab. Although an avid homebrewer, Heather wanted to ensure that she had all the skills up to scratch to allow her to hit the ground running when her kit was delivered. Through Brewlab, Heather made a number of valuable contacts, many of whom WooHa still work with on a regular basis.

When Heather put down the reigns to allow her new brewer to take over the day to day running of brewing operations, allowing Heather to focus on the business, she sent her Brewster to BrewLab as well.

Knowing how intensive and well run the course was, Heather knew that sending her Head Brewster would give her the confidence to run the brewery independently, getting to grips with calculations and recipe development. Furthermore, the business aspect of the course gave her head Brewster an appreciation for the areas of the business she did not have to immediately deal with.

Brewlab gave both employees a fundamental education in the running of a brewery from start to finish and WooHa is going to continue to send all lead brewers on the course as the brewery expands. The course gives Heather peace of mind that her employees know what they are doing and why they are doing it in the brewery’s operations.

WooHa continues to use Brewlab for all their required analysis and often get in touch former lecturers for advice on specific issues.

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