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Brought to you by the team behind our internationally acclaimed training and analysis services, Brewlab Brews produce and supply a range high quality, speciality beers to local trade outlets and our Taproom.

Brewlab Brews showcases ideas and inspiration from our team of experts and the very best our students have to offer. We regularly produce one off beers in a range of styles, so whether you’re seeking something traditional or adventures, we have you covered.

The beer is available in cask, keg, bottle and can. The Brewlab Brews Pilot Series draws in all the small-scale brews undertaken at Brewlab and is where you can explore and discover styles you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

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From a one-day taster session to a nine-week intensive residential course. Whatever your brewing aspirations, Brewlab training is internationally recognised as one of the best ways to acquire the skills and knowledge you need.

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