Brewlab are pleased to announce a new Brewing Skills Development course to be held regionally throughout the UK and Ireland. 

The course has been designed for brewery staff and personnel seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of day to day brewing operations. By the end of the course you’ll be confident in managing your own operation, solving typical production problems and have a keen knowledge of how important quality control can be in improving your product.

The 3 day course will cover:

Day 1. Brewing liquor, recipe formulation, malt & mashing, and sparging

Day 2. Hops, boiling, cooling, yeast management and fermentation. Beer maturation and preparation for packaging

Day 3. Beer spoilage, microbiological assessments, quality control and due diligence

Each course will be ran in association with a major successful brewery to illustrate processes and provide suitable support. The course will rotate over a 12-month period so it is possible to take each day separately.

The course fee is £180 per day or £450 for three consecutive days. A £50.00 deposit is required to secure a booking.


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