Spring 2022 has indeed sprung, and we’re pleased to announce our newest set of Diploma graduates! After an immersive nine weeks learning the core knowledge and skills to prepare for life a professional brewers, the students nailed their assessment and successfully gained their qualifications. Well done to you all!

With the world inching back to normality and the UK well and truly open for business, we’re seeing course numbers increase and the demand to get into the industry as strong as ever. There were three UK based students this time round each with very different objectives. The broad depth of knowledge, limited class size and flexible teaching allows Brewlab to cater for diverse aims and often offer tailored learning on top of the regular syllabus.

Course coordinator Richard Hunt quoted ‘I always feel lucky to get to know such passionate and driven people during the Diploma courses. This time was no different – the students all had their objectives and different ambitions so good luck to them. Brewlab training has again proven itself successful, whether you have a business concept or simply want to learn to brew and get into the industry, we can 100% cater for you.’

The Summer Diploma course will run 11th July and there are spaces available.

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