Brewlab can support clients of all sizes in the set-up, development and operation of their business concepts.

Our business plan support and advice includes:
  • Identification of correct brewing equipment of optimum size with an estimation of costs for business plan.
  • Application for Brewing License.
  • Operational costing estimates for brewing premises including utilities and waste streams.
  • Profit margin analysis from raw material estimates and estimated cost of production.
  • Sales volume prediction and sales mix.
  • Tap room set-up costing and legislative requirements.
  • Identification, costing and selection of contract packagers where required.
Our brewery set-up support and advice includes:
  • Sourcing and Purchasing of Brewing and Service equipment to meet all requirements of the Business Plan.
  • Preparation for and installation of Brewing and Service equipment.
  • Pipe layouts and engineering sourcing.
  • Recipe Formulation, trial brews at Brewlab and scaling up on site.
  • In-house support and training on operation of equipment and best practice.
  • Duty submission requirements, HMRC
  • Quality System set-up. On-site and contracted QA.
  • Taste Evaluation service, tasting plans and on-site training.
  • Sourcing of raw materials, chemicals, processing aids etc.
  • Food Safety (HACCP) development and on-site staff training.
  • Health & Safety policy and risk assessment writing. Staff training and recording. Site responsible person.
  • Environmental policy, waste stream options.
  • Product labelling requirements.
  • Tap room personal license and premises license.
  • Dispense equipment sourcing and operation.
  • Access to market, on-trade and off-trade.
  • Meet the Brewer events.
Ongoing support and advice includes:
  • End of telephone instant support.
  • Raw Material sourcing, tendering and contract negotiation.
  • Supplier Auditing.
  • Maintenance schedule creation and management.
  • Engineering sourcing, consumables and spare parts.
  • Trade effluent handling and relationships with water companies.
  • Brewery Quality and Hygiene Audit.
  • HACCP system review, internal audit schedules,
  • Standard Application, pre-audits and staff training – SIBA FSQ, Brewlab FSQ, SALSA, BRC etc.
  • Health & Safety audits, site safety audits, staff training. RIDDOR fulfilment, HSE visits.
  • Equipment upscaling, process and packaging equipment sourcing.
  • New Product Development, trial brewing, packaging requirements.
  • Borehole Investigation.
  • Identification of potential contract brewers and / or packagers.
  • Project Management.
  • Product labelling checking.

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