Our brewing facilities offer ideal opportunities for corporate events and staff development activities. Engage staff with challenges to draft their own beer recipes, conduct a brew on our development kits, bottle the product and compare for character and quality.

    • What does the experience include?
    • In advance, we’ll provide an overview of the brewing process and beer styles
    • Form up to four teams and choose the beer styles you’d like to brew
    • In groups, brew your own recipes with guidance from our expert tutors
    • Hand over your brew to our team to manage fermentation and packaging
    • Collect the finished product and enjoy the fruits of your labour
    • Arrange an optional follow up taste training session to judge your brews

Provision would include an on site brew session, course notes and support for up to 16 participants. The brew day includes full practical and technical support, an outline of the brewing process with reference to different scales of production and hands-on brewing. The optional tasting session would include samples, tuition and support documentation. Hospitality and a buffet lunch is provided along with access to the Brewlab classroom and presentation facilities.

The price is £900 per brew day for up to 16 participants.

The optional follow up taste training session is £200. Prices are excluding VAT.

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