So please introduce yourself.

I’m Bhanu, from India. I have my master’s in computer science but I’m here at Brewlab because I want to change my career path and get into brewing.

Please tell us about why you enrolled on the course and your ambitions after it.

I would like to change my career as there is a lot of scope in the brewing industry across the world. There is lots of rapid growth, particularly in India.

Please tell us about your experience on the course.

I always felt very welcome during the course. Each and every part of the course is very exciting for different reasons. I enjoyed the placements and having the opportunity to brew my own beer styles.

The course has a strong practical focus, both with brewing and quality control. Please tell us about how that has benefited you.

I’m very new to brewing so the course has helped me go from develop from scratch. The course provides the theory of recipe calculation and also brewing it yourself. It’s really beneficial and the best way of learning.

Has there been a course highlight?

There were many highlights, but the broad delivery of the course provided lots of chances to get involved in different things to do.

Please tell us about the recipes that you’ve created and brewed.

Amongst others I’ve created a porter, a smoky wheat beer, a golden IPA and an imperial milk stout that got great feedback – I was really pleased with that one.

Are you confident to take your next steps in the industry?

Oh yeah, I’m confident in taking a big step into the brewing industry. I would like to gain more practical knowledge in the field, maybe be an assistant Brewer for a year or so then if it makes sense, open a small microbrewery.

Would you recommend Brewlab?

Sure, I recommend Brewlab. The course has given me an in depth and broad education. It suited my objectives really well.

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