We sat down with Diploma graduate Luciano to chat about his experience at Brewlab and next steps in the industry!

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Luciano. I’m from Brazil but currently living in Spain. My background is in engineering and industrial management. I’ve decided to pivot my career and having been a long-time home brewer, want to take the leap to become a professional brewer. So that’s why I chose Brewlab!

Please tell us about your ambitions after the course.

I’m planning on becoming a professional brewer. My plan is to work for some time to gain experience as an assistant or head brewer then eventually transition to a consultancy role.

Please tell us about your experience on the course.

I felt really welcomed by all the staff and my colleagues. It’s been a great experience. I think that the practical experience has been remarkable. Having the chance to spend time at so many local craft breweries on placement has been great. Also, all the field trips, they’ve been excellent. I had a chance to meet a lot of players in the brewing industry, really once in a lifetime opportunities.

The course has a strong practical focus, please tell us how that has benefited you.

It’s been great to practice brewing on the small-scale kits available here. We had a chance to cover recipe formulation then experiment, implement, and develop our understanding. In terms of quality control, I think for me it was a great benefit. I arrived with almost zero background in the subject, so all the sessions have been a great learning curve.

Has there been a course highlight?

I think the course highlight for me was visiting the maltsters, Thomas Fawcett’s. The malting process is something that I have always been aware of, yet it always seemed like something I’d never get close to. Having the opportunity to see it for myself was something I’ll never forget.

Please tell us about the recipes that you have created and brewed whilst here.

I developed the complexity of my recipes throughout the course. My first brew was a golden ale, followed by a blonde ale then a traditional IPA. I also did an Irish red ale. After that I brewed a double IPA, a barley wine and my last recipe was a sour IPA.

Are you confident to take your next step in the brewing industry?

Very confident. I’m looking forward to taking the next steps and to see where this experience will lead me.

Would you recommend Brewlab?

I would definitely recommend Brewlab. It’s been a great opportunity for me. It’s been a great learning curve and experience. I believe that anybody who has the chance to enrol should go for it, there’s a lot of positive outcomes to take away!

I think the warm treatment from the staff has been really, really positive thing. I always felt welcome and assisted and supported in everything that I needed. I think that’s a remarkable aspect of the course and Brewlab.


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