Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Nanda and I’m from Chennai, India. I’d been home brewing prior to the course for about a year and really developed a passion and wanted to learn more and take it further. So that’s why I chose to study here at Brewlab!

What are your ambitions afterwards?

After the course I’ll return to India and look to build my experience, possibly getting work as an assistant Brewer for a brief period and then look ahead. I’d like to start my own brewery eventually, perhaps in about a year and two.

Please tell us about your experience on the course.

Enjoyable! I found the course was very well-rounded. For me personally, I thought the placements were the most beneficial part of the course as they give me a lot of confidence to know that in two years’ time, when I’ll be setting up, I have real experience of the entire brewing process. The breadth of the course is impressive, it also considers business portions which will be important to know down the line.

Tell us about the practical aspects of the course.

Regards to the brewing side, we did one brew per week and that really allowed us to experiment with a lot of ingredients and a lot of raw materials which you wouldn’t get the chance to do if you were home brewing. It was really nice in that sense experimenting with different styles and having the expertise on hand here if issues arose. With regards to quality control, I think the regulations differ in different countries, but here I feel we were given a comprehensive, grounding in best practice.

Has there been a course highlight?

For me, the course highlight is the people here. To be honest, they’ve been really, really welcoming and go above and beyond when supporting us and answering queries, so that for me that has been the best part.

Please tell us a bit about the recipes that you’ve created and brewed.

I’ve created 7 different recipes. I’ve brewed an oatmeal stout, a Munich Helles which is a lager I’ve never done before, a New Zealand IPA and a New England IPA. I’ve also brewed a Belgian double and a watermelon Gose, which again is a style that I’ve never tried before, so that’s been quite interesting too.

Are you confident to take your next step in the brewing industry?

Yeah, certainly! The course has really given me a start to end understanding of the process. I feel wherever I go to apply for a future position, I think they’ll take recognise that should make it a lot easier for me in terms of employment.

Would you recommend Brewlab?

I certainly would, without a doubt!

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