Please introduce yourself.

I’m Roshan, from India.

Please tell us about why you enrolled on the course and your ambitions aft.

One of the main reasons I enrolled on the course was to learn about recipe formulations and liquor treatment. I was keen to learn about quality control and hygiene as well as all the parts of the process I didn’t have any knowledge of. I’m looking forward to going back to my country and establishing my own brewery.

Please tell us about your experience on the course.

I would say the course has been wonderful. It’s the most practical way it could be done. I’ve been able to go on different commercial placements which have been a good insight and really helped my learning.

As I’m setting up my own place, it’s been great to see various breweries of different sizes in operation from small scale to mass production. I’ve understood and gained practical experience of rectifying the problems that emerge and how to overcome them.

Has there been a cost highlight?

I think the whole course is itself a highlight because it’s so different from all the available courses on the market anywhere else in any other country. As I say the practical aspects are so beneficial for every student.

Please tell us about the recipes that you have created and brewed.

I have brewed 7 different styles of beers. The first one was lager. The second one was an IPA and the third one was a wheat beer. I then made an amber ale and a mango IPA to experiment with our regional tastes. The American pale which I tried has turned out really good and impressed one of our professors – I’m really pleased with that.

Are you confident to take the next step in your brewing career?

Yes, I’m really confident now. I am planning to go back and immediately progress the next step!

Would you recommend Brewlab?

Most definitely. I would recommend Brewlab to anyone planning to enter the brewing industry. I would recommend enrol here because it’s so practical and that’s the best part!

When I was considering the course and started interacting with Brewlab, I was able to get a personal video call to tour the facilities. This was so helpful as I was in a different country and that made me feel confident as I could see the brewery and practical operations. That’s where it all started and now, I’m really confident and ready to enter in the industry. I would say a very big thank you to Brewlab for that.

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