It’s been memorable! 8 became 7, 7 became 5, 5 became 4!  Bo, Brais, Yogi and Sangay have made it to the end of a severely disrupted COVID-19 Diploma course. We hope John, Marc, Kda and Ashish can finish the course at a later date.

We tried to make the most of the cards that were dealt and delivered a lot of theory online whist providing a 25 litre development kit to give them some practical experience at their accommodation. They brewed a richly hoppy international pale ale, reflecting their different home countries, Taiwan, India, China, Spain and Butan. Assessments were completed this week under controlled conditions.

Good luck for the future and you’re welcome back anytime in more relaxed circumstances we hope!

*Note the students are living together hence the lack of social distancing in the photo

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