We know that running a busy brewery takes time and commitment and clients often find it difficult to leave the brewery to access training or tackle specific production issues. Indeed, some issues are so specific to a brew plant they are very difficult solve just by analysing samples.

That’s why we’ve developed our external services to bring Brewlab expertise to you.

Our vastly experienced team can deliver knowledge and expertise directly to you and your team, on-site, at your brewery. Brewlab can assist whether you’re experiencing issues within your brewing process, require help to achieve quality standards or have specific training goals.

Whether you aspire to expand or you just want to brew better beer, Brewlab’s external services can deliver workable solutions that are right for you and your business.

The Brewlab daily rate is £600 in which we can structure a bespoke schedule featuring one, two or more of the below topics.

Onsite Brewery Support

  • Develop your knowledge of the materials you routinely handle every day. We’ll cover everything from how to handle and store your raw materials through to their effects on the final product. Brewlab are specialists in yeast management and can help to introduce cropping, storage and pitching systems.

    • Liquor Treatment
    • Yeast Management
    • Hops and Brewing
    • Adjuncts

  • Learn the theory behind the practical to gain a deeper understanding of day-to-day processes and why they are relevant. Take this knowledge to pre-empt or be better placed to solve problems as and when they occur on a brew day.

    • Recipe Formulation
    • Mashing and Wort Production
    • Wort Boiling and Cooling
    • Fermentation
    • Maturation
    • Introduction to Packaging Alternatives

  • Do you need to train your staff in tasting skills? Do your Quality Assurance and HACCP schemes require regular tasting assessment? If so, check out Brewlab’s externally accredited Professional Flavour Analysis programme for help.

    Successful breweries conduct regular checks on their beers and employ tasting as a critical process step in their Quality Assurance. Tasting is simple, rapid, and cost effective but does require training of staff to be accurate.

    Our Professional Flavour Analysis programme provides progressive, long-term development of staff skills in tasting techniques and application. Starting with an on-site introduction to basic techniques and terminologies, the programme enables staff to hone flavour identification skills and apply them to your quality assurance system.

    • On-site Introductory Session Conducted at your Premises
    • Skill Development
    • Accredited On-site Assessment of Staff Competence

  • Introducing a quality standard can be time consuming and complicated process to understand. Brewlab staff can introduce and explain how to plan and create frameworks based upon HACCP principles specifically for your brewery. We can also assist updating your processes and policies to fit those of the created quality standard. We have our own quality standards audit recognised by SIBA and Wetherspoons.

    Standards can be created to meet the requirements of the following accrediting bodies:

    • SIBA FSQ
    • SALSA
    • FEMAS

  • Dive in and understand beer on a microbiological level getting to grips with using a microscope and identifying all the different components of your beer. By the end of this training, you will learn all about what should and shouldn’t be appearing, whether it be pitching yeast or contaminant. Learn to assess where in your brewing process is most susceptible to the risk of contamination and how to implement a sampling regime to ensure cleanliness.  

    • Microbiological Theory
    • Practical with Microscope

  • Cover how to prepare and treat your product in preparation for packaging. Learn the processes and requirements prior to commercial packaging to avoid any unnecessary loss of product or inefficiency.

    • Finings Optimisation
    • Filtration
    • Haze removal
    • Haze formation
    • Pasteurisation

  • Add Cellar Management skills to your brewery team’s portfolio. This training will introduce you to how beer behaves once in cask and keg, providing understand of how your beers should be treated by your customers and how it is dispensed in most outlets. This is a vital skill if you’re adding a taproom to your brewery or just want to ensure your beer is served in the very best condition.

    • Cellar to Seller

  • Perhaps the least glamorous most time-consuming job in the brewery but totally essential to the smooth operation and production of high-quality consistent product. Learn how to design and implement a cleaning plan, CIP systems and how to handle all the cleaning products and chemicals in your brewery.

    • Best Practice
    • Designing a plan
    • How to clean specific brewing equipment such as a paraflow

  • Brewlab can audit your brew plant to perform troubleshooting on any issues occurring during the brewing process or in finished product. Using the information and samples gathered, we create a tailored report with a range of suggested solutions. Brewlab’s highly regarded commercial laboratory team are perfectly placed to get to the bottom of any problems you may encounter.

  • Gain the knowledge and skills required to manage and brew with your own live yeast cultures. A brewery that has its own yeast strain can achieve more unique and complex products as well as save money compared to packet alternatives. Our yeast specialists can visit your brewery to deliver practical training on how to store, handle, manage the strain to achieve optimal yeast count and viability. We can also be there to show you exactly how to use it on your kit, on your brew day.

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