Accommodation is provided and managed by Brewlab to ensure a suitable standard for security and quality of provision.

The level of accommodation is based on, and typically sited within university halls comprising individual student rooms and shared living facilities for up to 8 students per hall. Students have access to their hall and individual access to their student room through secure locking systems. On university sites security is provided 24/7. 24/7 access is available to Brewlab support personnel during the course period and from arrival and to departure points. En suite provision may be available on request and some accommodation have recreational services shared with students on other courses.

Personal provision

All students have personal room space with bed and bedding, study area with lighting and document storage. Wardrobe and clothes storage is available with ironing facilities shared among hall residents.

Covid-19 security and protection

Accommodations are given full sanitation and deep clean between users and have stocks of disinfectants and cleaning materials. Codes of practice and good management are prescribed to all students to ensure compliance to distancing, personal hygiene and routine cleaning advice.
Testing facilities are available for routine use and quarantine procedures available to isolate infections and prevent transmission.

Cooking and meal provision

Accommodation will provide for cooking and food storage provision. These allow individual and group meals to be prepared with common eating areas available. Cooking facilities include kettle, coffee maker, hob and microwave, pans, full range of implements, crockery and cutlery.

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