One Awards

2015 to Present

One Awards is an independent accrediting body licensed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) providing Quality Standard Accreditation to Brewlab Certificate and Diploma courses.

One Awards provides support for course development and quality compliance as well as providing access courses to higher education in the UK and overseas.
Brewlab courses are appraised in annual audits by One Awards covering facilities, teaching curricula, teaching staff, delivery, reporting systems, feedback implementation and recruitment.

Institute of Brewing and Distilling

Brewlab trainers and courses are recognised with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) an international professional body providing services to the brewing industry. IBD examinations and tuition support include examinations in brewing, distillation, malting and cider production.
Foundation, certificate, diploma and master brewer levels provide for career development and are promoted by Brewlab to students seeking professional qualifications.
Brewlab staff are active members of the Institute of Brewing serving on regional committees, providing input to teaching developments and contributing to publications.

Society of Independent Brewers (UK) and Brewers Association (USA)

Brewlab is an associate member of professional bodies for small brewers – both the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) attending regional and national meetings and events and the Brewers Association contributing to publications and events.

Brewlab laboratory services are members of professional bodies involved in setting and monitoring standards for analytical procedures in beverage industry. These include the beverage Inter Laboratory Collaboration Scheme (ILCS) for which Brewlab manages distribution of collaborative test samples and data base analysis.
Brewlab also participates in the Brewing Analytes Proficiency Scheme (BAPS) which is UKAS accredited and supported by the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC). Brewery audits are conducted to SALSA and SIBA standards as required by major customers particularly for compliance to supermarket purchasing standards.

University Affiliations

Johnson Wales University has contracted Brewlab to provide a three credit Study Abroad certificate course to food science and catering students since 2017. Scheduled in June the provision is based on the Brewlab Certificate in Practical Brewing course and includes additional visits to supplement the standard content.
Brewlab provides specialist input to undergraduate courses at the Universities of Sunderland and Newcastle. These include BSc courses in pharmacy and food science providing access and instruction in beverage production.
A training project commissioned by Cardiff University for the Welsh Government is currently in place to provide nation-wide training on-site and on-line to all breweries in Wales.

Institution Affiliations

Brewlab has collaborative partnerships with institutions on formal research projects including the John Innes Institute conducting research supported by government grants into crop production and quality Further projects are engaged with the University of Northumbria into sustainable packaging using recycled brewery by-products and the University of Sunderland on molecular biology analysis of historical brewing artifacts

Brewlab has been registered with the European Union ERASMUS scheme and received regular placements of students from European Institutions as part of their study enhancements. Placements have also been supported from the ERASMUS scheme for young entrepreneurs looking to develop business ideas in beverage production. Participation in replacement exchange programmes is envisaged when conditions allow.

Business Affiliations

Brewlab is a member of the North East Chamber of Commerce, of the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers (BFBi) association and has received grant funding from regional and national bodies for business developments.

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