Professional Flavour Evaluation

Do you need to train your staff in tasting skills? Do your Quality Assurance and HACCP schemes require regular tasting assessment? If so, check out Brewlab’s externally accredited Professional Flavour Analysis programme for help.

Successful breweries conduct regular checks on their beers and employ tasting as a critical process step in their Quality Assurance. Tasting is simple, rapid, and cost effective but does require training of staff to be accurate.

Our Professional Flavour Analysis programme provides progressive, long-term development of staff skills in tasting techniques and application. Starting with an on-site introduction to basic techniques and terminologies, the programme enables staff to hone flavour identification skills and apply them to your quality assurance system.

  • On-site Introductory Session Conducted at your Premises
  • Skill Development
  • Accredited On-site Assessment of Staff Competence

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