Product development

As customer tastes and choice grow, breweries, distilleries and entrepreneurs must continually innovate in order to gain or maintain a competitive edge. But bringing new beverages to market can be costly, both in terms of time and resources.

Whether you are looking to compliment your existing range with a new innovative beverage, or incorporate new ingredients for the first time, our specially-trained project support team can help fast-track new recipes to production scale quickly and at reduced cost.

Working with you we can:

  • Produce small-scale batches for market testing
  • Support focus group tasting sessions
  • Development technical brewing/distilling specifications
  • Implement new recipes at production scale

Our brewing systems enable product development for breweries seeking small scale product batches for analysis and marketing. 30, 100 and 400 litre production units provide for scale-up from initial trials to small scale commercial production. With packaging options that include bottle, cask, keg and mini keg with rough and sterile filtration options. Our team are experienced in using novel ingredients and specialist yeast strains for recipe development and are accredited for gluten free production.

We have developed distilling systems and products for a range of markets producing test batches using novel ingredients and recipes. We can analyse your raw materials and spirits and provide relevant information to perfect products and achieve quality targets for successful developments.

Contact our project support team now on +44 (0)191 549 9450.

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