Brew Day Experience for a Group of 4 People



Brew Days are ideal for groups of friends, family, and colleagues to come and experience life in a craft brewery and brew their own beer!

With this package, we can welcome up to 4 participants who, in 2 groups can make 2 different beers under the exclusive supervision of our expert tutors.

The experience is suitable for the novice and those with homebrewing experience. Whether you’re into strong, robust flavours, something extra hoppy or simply a sessionable easy drinking lager, Brewlab can make it happen. Low alcohol options are available too.

You will get the chance to choose your style and then follow the process all the way to fermentation. You’ll select the grains, add the hops and then learn how the magic happens! The Brewlab team will manage fermentation and packaging and the beer is then ready about 2 weeks later, to be collected and enjoyed as you wish! You’ll generally get around 20 500ml bottles per brew.

The day will start 9am and finish around 4pm. A buffet style lunch is provided.

Please contact us for further information and to arrange a date to suit your group.

It’s £600 per day with all materials and support included.

Price includes VAT.