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Taste samples of historic beers recreated by craft brewers and compare to samples of today’s ales, lagers and unconventional beers.  Illustrated with accounts of past brewing, ingredients and drinking styles.

What did historic beers taste like?  Indulge your interest at the series of tasting sessions supporting the 950 celebrations into Richmond’s beverage history.  Three sessions will cover beers from important periods in brewing – beers of the Tudors, development of Porters and Stouts and the Victorian brewing heritage each illustrated with examples and comparisons to contemporary craft ales.  Each session will look at ingredients specific to recipes of the time, brewing practices and drinking lore.  We will also explore whether knowledge of historic beers can contribute to today’s brewing and look at examples of recreated ales from the past.

All proceeds to Richmond950 fund. Please contact us for further details.

Exclusive to the Richmond 950 event.

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