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Certificate in Practical Brewing


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3-Week Course
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3-Week Course

Our three week Certificate in Practical Brewing course is ideal for anyone looking to set up or establish a commercial microbrewery. The course has a strong practical focus and is suitable for those with no prior brewing experience as well as those looking to develop home brew skills.

Along with gaining the accredited Brewlab Certificate in Practical Brewing, you will also acquire many elements of the knowledge required to undertake the internationally recognised IBD General Certificate Examination.

The course features the opportunity to design and brew your own recipes from scratch on our specialised small-scale development kits. This enables you to put learning into action and provides a fundamental understanding of topics such as liquor calculations and recipe formulation.

Brewlab has its own on-site 500 litre commercial brewery which is an ideal practical environment to demonstrate all parts of the brewing process enabling you to gain first hand experience of a full brew day. In addition, you will also attend two daily placements at local successful microbreweries.

You will also have access to our laboratory facilities using techniques that Brewlab follows as one of the UK’s leading providers of all types of quality assurance for the brewing industry. This will give you a unique opportunity to delve into the requirements of quality assurance in micro brewing, assisting you to plate up and identify beer characteristics at a microbiological level.

At Brewlab we offer an industry leading sensory evaluation module that provides a sound introduction to standard flavour and taste training techniques. The finished products you create will be entered into group tasting sessions where feedback and recommendations are offered.

Students who attend this course will aquire the knowledge and skills to produce a wide variety of high-quality beers, brewed consistently. In addition the commercial business elements of the training provide you with the frameworks for setting up and operating a successful brewing business. This includes premises and equipment design advice, encompassing all of the legal HMRC requirements.

The course is tutored by industry specialists who have a vast wealth of expertise and experience in their fields.

“A ‘must’ for brewers at any level the course is challenging but has played a huge part in ensuring the longevity of my career in brewing.”

Adam Kershaw, Certificate Graduate

Some understanding of the brewing process, along with basic maths and chemistry skills, are beneficial but not essential.

Extended placements are available following the course – please enquire for details.

Many of our previous students now operate their own successful craft breweries and you can read about these in our case studies section.

There are 15 teaching days on the course and the fee is £3,750 (£250 per day).

A £400.00 deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance has to be paid 6 weeks prior to the course start date.

Self catering accommodation is included in the course fee through the University of Sunderland.

If you wished to arrange your own accommodation the revised course fee would be £3,330 (£222 per day).

Payment plans can be arranged on request.

All prices include VAT where applicable.

Our course payment terms and conditions can be read here.


At the end of the course, you will have a sound understanding of:

  • The brewing process and ingredients.
  • Liquor treatment and the ability to adjust specification to particular beer styles.
  • Recipe formulation for different beer styles.
  • The key elements of Quality Assurance in a brewery.
  • The importance of health and safety protocols in a craft brewery.
  • Malting and adjunct production.
  • Mashing processes.
  • The current hop market.
  • Different fermentation processes and practice.
  • Yeast management in terms of storage, culturing and hygiene.
  • Packaging legislation and methodology.
  • Food safety systems and how to create your own plan.
  • Dispense systems.
  • Effective cleaning and disinfectant protocols.
  • Flavour evaluation techniques.
  • The key strategic commercial frameworks for a successful brewing business.
  • Brewery design, premises, equipment requirements and considerations.
  • The legal requirements for setting up and operating a craft brewery in the UK.
  • Brewing history and the evolution of styles.

You will have:

  • Brewed your own recipes at least twice on the small-scale development kits at Brewlab.
  • Undertaken two placements at commercial breweries, enabling you to assist in production and gain a better understanding of their processes.
  • Followed a standard quality assurance plan, taken and analysed samples from your own brew.
  • Used standard laboratory methods to assess samples for flavour faults and characteristics.
  • Gained experience and skills in using a light microscope.
  • Packaged your own beer (bottle conditioned and filtered options available).
  • Submitted your beer for professional evaluation as part of a group exercise.
  • Developed skills and experience in sensory evaluation.


Raw Materials and Processes:

  • Health and safety.
  • Liquor treatment.
  • Malt and malting.
  • Mashing and wort production.
  • Hops.
  • Wort boiling and chilling.
  • Fermentation and yeast handling.
  • Maturation.
  • Practical brewing.
  • Racking, fining and filtration.
  • Packaging – casking, kegging, bottling and canning.
  • Recipe formulation.
  • Wort boiling and chilling.
  • Yeast management.

Quality Control and Microbiology

  • Beer tasting and flavour assessment.
  • Cleaning and hygiene.
  • Microscopy.
  • Features of microorganisms and their impact on beer quality and character.
  • Quality control.

Operating a Craft brewery

  • Brewery design, premises and equipment.
  • Business start up frameworks.
  • Customs and excise.
  • Financial planning.
  • Marketing for a start-up business.

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