Certificate in Practical Brewing


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3 Week Course
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3 Week Course

Our 3 week course is ideal for those people who have decided to set up their own micro brewery. It enables students to enhance their knowledge of brewing theory and develop their practical brewing skills.

You will learn about microscopical techniques and how to implement these when creating quality control systems. You will also have the opportunity to attend commercial brewery placements to experience and discuss daily production processes.

Our experienced in house team is augmented by carefully selected experts to embrace other important topics including beer tasting, recipe formulation, business start up advice, marketing and brewery design.

The course is fully accredited by ONE Awards and students who are successful in passing the course assessments will be awarded a Brewlab Certificate in Practical Brewing.

“A ‘must’ for brewers at any level the course is challenging but has played a huge part in ensuring the longevity of my career in brewing.”

Adam Kershaw, Certificate Graduate

Some understanding of the brewing process, along with basic maths and chemistry, would be beneficial but not essential.

Extended placements are available following the course, please enquire for details.

Many of our previous students now operate their own micro breweries and you can read about these in our case studies section.

The course fee is £3750. A £400.00 deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance has to be paid 2 months prior to the course start date. Price includes VAT. Accommodation is included in the course fee through the University of Sunderland.


As a result of undertaking the Practical Brewing course you will:

  • Gain an overview of the brewing process
  • Understand the theoretical processes involved in the production and fermentation of
    worts for brewing British beers
  • Have seen and discussed the particular features of the different styles of British beers
  • Have seen the production of British beers on both large and small commercial scales
  • Have participated in the commercial production of beer and discussed their production
    and dispense with brewery and retail staff
  • Have considered traditional and contemporary brewing in terms of product type and
  • Be able to analyse beers for basic chemistry and microbiology using standard methods
    and to assess the flavour characteristics of British ale styles
  • Have developed skills and experience in the taste assessment of British beer styles
  • Understand and implement Food Safety Systems
  • Have experienced and discussed the major features of British Brewing History and
    considered how these have led to the character of British Beer today
  • Have participated in a small scale bottling workshop
  • Have received business start up planning, sales and marketing advice to assist setting up
    a microbrewery


At the end of the Certificate in Practical Brewing course you will have covered:

  • Basic accountancy for a start up business
  • Basic marketing for a start up business
  • Beer tasting and flavour assessment
  • Brewing liquor and Water supply
  • Business Start up advice
  • Cleaning and Hygiene
  • Customs and excise
  • Fermentation
  • Hops
  • Laboratory brewing
  • Malt and Malting
  • Mashing and wort production
  • Maturation
  • Microscopy
  • Practical brewing
  • Quality control
  • Racking, casking and fining
  • Recipe formulation
  • Safety overview
  • Wort boiling and chilling
  • Yeast

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