Craft Brew Quality


Deposit: £100.00

1 Day Course


1 Day Course

Craft Brew Quality is an intensive one day workshop providing a comprehensive introduction to microbiology techniques and Quality Assurance as required by commercial brewing.

It is suitable for those looking to advance their knowledge and skills to ensure quality and consistency in their brewing products.

The fee is £245 as an individual booking.

A £100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance is due four weeks prior to the course start date.

Price Includes VAT.


At the end of the Craft Brew Quality workshop you will have:

  • Seen an overview of Quality Assurance and its relevance to achieving consistency, traceability
    and ensuring high quality products.
  • Had opportunity to develop aseptic skills for secure sampling of ingredients and beers.
  • Had opportunity to develop skills in handling samples for microbiology assessment.
  • Had opportunity to develop skills in using microscopes to view yeast and bacteria and assess the characteristics of microorganisms.
  • Received instruction in obtaining, storing and interpreting digital images.
  • Viewed and discussed the critical control stages of the brewing process with commercial brewers and tutors.
  • Received an introduction to beer flavour assessment with fault and flavour recognition.
  • Discussed options on developing a Quality Assurance scheme with tutors experienced in laboratory operations.


  • Introduction and overview of Quality Assurance procedures
  • Practical instruction in aseptic techniques, sampling and handling of ingredients and products using samples from a live brewing operation and from packaged beers.
  • Agar plate culturing to show growth and enumerate contamination.
  • Practical instruction in microscopy techniques using a range of microscopes.
  • Applying skills
  • Yeast analysis including yeast counts and viability determination.
  • Observation of common microbial contaminations.
  • Flavour recognition including identification of common faults.
  • Data processing including digital recording and secure logging.

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