Mead Production and Management


Online Course


This online course in mead production provides instruction in the theory of commercial mead production, including quality assurance and recipe formulation.

Theory instruction includes recipe development, the composition and biochemistry of honey and other ingredients, yeast selection and fermentation management, maturation procedures and packaging.

A certificate of completion is available once all parts of the programme have been successfully engaged and completed.

The course fee is £1500 including VAT.


The course is available online with tutorial sessions covering the following major areas. It can be progressed at your own pace with tutor support and includes assessments to provide guidance on your progress.

  • Induction and introduction.
  • Brewing and wine making processes, stages and equipment.
  • Ingredient sourcing and selection. Quality evaluation and impact on product quality.
  • Recipe formulation for target characteristics – ABV, PG, Colour, Sweetness, Bitterness, Flavour.
  • Yeast sourcing and characteristics. Commercial and wild capture.
  • Fermentation – metabolism and management. Fermentation problems and solutions.
  • Maturation – metabolism and management. Oak cask aging.
  • Packaging. Draught and small pack systems and practical operation. Still and carbonated systems.
  • Quality assessment. Physical (carbonation, oxygenation, colour, haze), chemical (pH, acidity, ethanol, flavours) and microbiological (yeast condition, bacteria and contaminants).

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