Natural Fermentation


2 Hour Workshop


Develop your fermentation skills in our two hour practical workshop illustrating production procedures, ingredients, microbiology and quality control for yoghurt, kombucha, Kim chi, and fruit wines.  Take home cultures provided and including a tour of the Darwin Brewery and a drink at the Darwin bar.

The course fee is £25. Price includes VAT.


A practically focused workshop illustrating how to produce common fermented foods with demonstrations and opportunity to discuss your own products.

Includes details of producing yoghurt, kombucha, sauerkraut and fruit wines at home and to professional quality.

The workshop uses the advanced facilities at Brewlab to illustrate the basic microbiology involved in fermentation and how this relates to the different fermentation processes.  We will provide advice on materials, equipment and processes to obtain high quality products and supply samples to taste and cultures to take home for your own use.


  • Single culture lactic acid fermentations.
  • Mixed culture acetic acid fermentations.
  • Sauerkraut and Kim chi. Mixed culture natural fermentations.
  • Cider and fruit wines. Single and mixed culture yeast fermentations.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Who Would These Sessions Suit?

Brewlab fermentation workshops are ideal if you have an interest in conducting your own fermentations but are unsure of how to manage them to obtain best quality. They are suitable if you are starting out and need direction or if you have some experience and looking to solve problems or improve your quality.

What is involved?

We will provide demonstrations, presentations, examples to taste, guides to determine quality and opportunity for discussion. Afterwards there is a tour of the Darwin Brewery and a drink at the bar.

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