Practical Yeast Management


Deposit: £100.00

1 Day Course


1 Day Course

Take a day to deep dive into yeast management and understand how to work with liquid cultures in a brewery. This practical workshop will demonstrate how to store, handle and pitch liquid yeast so you can maximise flavour profiles and reduce costs. We’ll also get the microscopes out so you can see it on a cellular level, evaluating how healthy your yeast is and identifying common contaminants.

The class size is limited to 12 places.

The course fee is £245.

A £100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance is due prior to the course start date. Price Includes VAT.


  • Yeast Selection
  • Yeast Features and Characteristics
  • Yeast Handling and Problems
  • Yeast Storage and Maintenance
  • Yeast Culturing and Assessment
  • Microscopy and Yeast Counts and Evaluation
  • Wort Composition and Health Effects
  • Fermentation Flavours and Contamination Faults
  • Q&A


By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the key differences between dry and wet yeast and how they reflect and impact on the final product.
  • Understand the concept of using live yeast and benefits it can bring to a brewery.
  • Use a light microscope.
  • Conduct a yeast viability.
  • Identify common contaminants and how they packaged translate into product.
  • Understand how to safely and securely store your yeast.
  • Monitor and manage fermentation.
  • Acid wash yeast
  • Re Pitch Yeast
  • Link yeast management to your CIP or Quality Assurance plans
  • Conduct your own yeast counts.
  • Isolate and assess wild yeast strains for brewing potential.
  • Received instruction in semi-automatic filling and carbonation techniques for cask, keg, bottle and can.
  • Received instruction in bottle conditioned product preparation and filling.
  • Seen an overview of current legislation with regard to labelling.
  • Had opportunity to calculate yeast counts and relate to clarity and carbonation.
  • Had opportunity to develop skills in using microscopes to view and count yeast numbers.

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