Craft Brew Recipe Formulation


Online Course


This online workshop will take you through the process of recipe formulation, providing the framework to design and create your own beers. We will cover everything from water treatment through to and malt and hop requirements enabling you to meet desired parameters.

We also cover the concepts behind recipes so that you will begin to understand how a professional brewer goes about the process.

It is suitable for home brewers and enthusiasts looking to enhance and develop their skills.

The sessions will be delivered by our course manager Brian Yorston, veteran head brewer with over 40 years working in the industry and brewer of many prize-winning beers.

Brian will take you through the calculations and introduce you to the spreadsheet he uses. Opportunities will be available for a question-and-answer session together with a chance to submit your recipe for development with Brian.

The workshop will last for 4 hours depending on questions.

The course fee is £60 including VAT.

Gift Vouchers are available if the course is a present. 


Subjects covered will be:

1) Liquor formulation

2) How to go about developing your recipe

3) Determining OG to achieve to correct alcohol

4) Malt and sugar grist formulation

5) Mash and sparge liquor determination

5) Introduction to calculating bitterness

6) Hop selection

7) Yeast selection

8) Using a recipe spreadsheet

9) Introducing a recipe formulation guide used by the students at Brewlab.

10) Question and answer session and an opportunity to develop your own recipe.

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