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1 Day Workshop


1 Day Course

This specialist course will provide you with knowledge and skills in producing additional products for your brewery and covering popular areas of sour beers, meads and fruit wines, spritzers, Kombucha and wild fermentations.

Expanding your portfolio is a pressing need in contemporary brewing but often results in a broader catalogue of beers which may become difficult to manage. Diversification into additional products is a valuable means of building on your brands and reputation while opening new markets and outlets. This course provides an introduction to additional fermentations with a strong focus on the microbiology and production requirements of the following products:

  • Sour beers – including isolating and managing wild yeast and bacteria.
  • Kombucha tea ferments.
  • Meads, ciders and fruit wines.
  • Spritzers.

A background knowledge of brewing is desirable for the course so as to put the techniques into perspective. This workshop will give you a sound overview of the requirements of specific fermentations and how to apply microbiology techniques on site in your brewery.

Opportunities will be provided to use high quality laboratory facilities and equipment and apply these to ingredients and to the different products. Microbiology and microscopy skills are a major feature of the workshop and we will be pleased to advise on your own equipment and assessment of samples of your own products if you wish to bring these along.

The fee is £235.

A £100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance is due six weeks prior to the course start date.

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At the end of the specialist Product Fermentation Workshop you will have:

  • Seen an overview of specific products which can be included in your portfolio.
  • Had opportunity to develop skills in recipe formulation for a variety of additional products.
  • Seen examples of additional fermentation products and their means of production.
  • Had opportunity to develop skills in handling samples for microbiology assessment.
  • Had opportunity to develop skills in using microscopes to view yeast and bacteria and assess the characteristics of microorganisms.
  • Viewed and discussed the costs and finances of producing additional fermentation products.
  • Viewed and discussed the critical control stages of the production process of specific products with commercial brewers and tutors.
  • Received an introduction to flavour assessment with fault and flavour recognition for specialist products.
  • Discussed options on developing a quality assurance scheme with tutors experienced in laboratory operations.


  • Sour beers – including isolating and managing wild yeast and bacteria.
  • Kombucha tea ferments.
  • Meads, ciders and fruit wines.
  • Spritzers.

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