Start Up Brewing


Deposit: £100.00

3 Day Course


3 Day Course

Start Up Brewing is a three day course providing a comprehensive introduction to the process and requirements of commercial brewing. It is suitable for those considering brewing as a possible career change or business opportunity.

No background knowledge of brewing is required for the course. We aim to provide you with a sound overview of the industry and an understanding of the disciplines needed to operate a commercial brewing venture. We offer opportunities to learn about the stages of brewing and discuss start up issues including finance and regulations with working brewers and commercial specialists.

For those looking to gain extra knowledge, we have added Craft Brew Quality and Craft Brew Packaging as bolt on days to follow the course.The days can be booked for a discounted price of £160 each when booked withthis course (normal price £215).

Many of our students follow up Start Up Brewing with the four day Intensive Practical Brewing Skills course to learn and practice commercial brewing or go on to complete the 3 week Certificate in Practical Brewing.

The course fee is £595. A £100.00 deposit is required to secure a booking. The balance has to be paid six weeks prior to the course start date. Price includes VAT.


At the end of the Start Up Brewing course you will have experienced the following:

  • Viewed production of a standard mash on a commercial plant and have had the opportunity to discuss this crucial stage of the brewing process with our commercial brewers and tutors.
  • Introduced to the underlying theory relevant to each stage of the brewing process
  • Received an introduction to beer assessment with fault and flavour recognition.
  • Taught recipe formulation techniques to produce beers of specific styles in a format to allow you to formulate your own recipes
  • Discussed the operation of a commercial brewery including layout and operations with brewing start ups
  • Discussed options on brewing equipment with consultants experienced in designing breweries and in co-ordinating installation and commissioning
  • Witnessed demonstration of quality control procedures including laboratory analysis and tasting.
  • Introduced to the procedures of duty payments to HM Customs & Excise.
  • Discussed the marketing and sales strategies for contemporary breweries with exposure to Business start-up ideas.
  • Been given access to our on-line resources for future support and reference.


At the end of the Start Up Brewing course you will have covered:

  • Introduction and overview of the brewing process
  • The brewing process: wort production from mashing and boiling.
  • Ingredients: water, malt and hops and their assessment.
  • Yeast, selection, analysis and handling.
  • Recipe formulation.
  • Fermentation and conditioning.
  • Business start-up tutorial.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Tax and Excise procedures.
  • Design and layout workshop based on examples to apply to your own development.
  • Brewing equipment, requirements and costs.
  • Brewing process, hands on demonstration taking a beer from recipe formulation to wort production.
  • Bottling demonstration
  • Basic flavour evaluation to develop your sensory skills
  • Quality assurance procedures with overview of laboratory analysis

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