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Study Abroad

  • Brewlab is ready to welcome study abroad students to experience the fascinating and historic world of British brewing.

    As part of a packed programme, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in British culture and learn the world-famous practices that make our beer so popular. A strong practical focus leads to students having the opportunity to design their own recipes, developing them from concept right through to finished, packaged product ready for tasting at the Brewlab bar. We’ll also send you out on placement at local craft breweries to take in the British brewing scene first hand, discovering both traditional and modern processes in a commercial setting.

    Students will sample a range of beer styles from Britain and the world while being introduced to professional flavour evaluation techniques. We’ll also feature quality assurance sampling and analysis to help understand beer on a microbiological level.

    Throughout the stay students will be fully engaged in the UK brewing industry and will leave with brewing skills and business frameworks that can be applied in future careers.

    Brewlab are able to customise individual programmes to suit a particular focus.

    Successful students will gain an accredited Brewlab Certificate in Practical Brewing as well as credits towards their qualification.

  • The Brewlab Teaching Programme

    At Brewlab you learn both theory and practice with extensive hands-on brewing to provide you with confidence in your abilities. We teach you the concepts of the brewing process, the mechanics of recipe formulation and the processes necessary to produce a high-class product time after time.

    Our courses deliver the knowledge required for a brewing position including raw material selection and handling, wort production, fermentation and conditioning, packaging and quality assurance. We include skills of management, marketing and sales and take you through how to design and build your brew system and avoid the mistakes made by others.

    We provide you with advanced facilities for you to develop your beers on experimental and commercial scales from 30 to 400 litres and with opportunity for trial marketing in local outlets. Our brew systems include packaging in bottle, keg and cask and we have extensive laboratory resources for you to assess beer quality and character.

    Brewlab tutors are all experienced brewers and accredited by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD). Our courses are accredited for Certificate and Diploma awards by One Award body and many of our students progress to achieve IBD qualifications on the basis of our instruction.

    What to Expect

    When you enrol on a Brewlab course we will provide you with a fully informative guide to brewing as notes and workbooks, via web resources, and in tutorials, lectures and workshops. All our professional brewing courses have access to commercial brewing for illustrations and demonstrations of techniques.

    We provide you with your own brewing system for you to develop skills and to try out recipes with full support of our experienced staff and tutors. We organise placements in commercial breweries for you to see a variety of systems and meet the brewing fraternity. These placements give you a real and honest view of the life of a brewer and experience of the range of activities. Many of our students remain in touch with their placements and exchange information for their future developments.

    During your course we give you personal tuition to develop your career prospects. Many of our graduates have taken positions before or soon after finishing their study. Brewlab’s reputation is well recognised both in the UK and internationally.

    The Brewlab Curriculum

    Your teaching programme includes theory and practical activities with a strong emphasis on the experience of brewing. The course is accredited, and on completion, you will be awarded with a Brewlab certificate based on an assessment of your understanding and brewing achievements. We have drafted the content of this particular course to fit with the requirements of the restaurant and hospitality industry, and will provide you with examples of how the skills you learn can be used to help further your career.

    The content of the course includes:

    • The brewing industry

    • The brewing process

    • Beer ingredients and recipe formulation

    • Quality and laboratory analysis

    • Dispense and cellar operations

    • Beer flavour evaluation

    • Packaging options

    • Marketing and finance

    Site Visits

    Beyond the ‘brewers’ classroom’, site visits form an integral part of our teaching programme with field trips and experiences interspersed over the course and weekends.

    To best demonstrate the breadth of the brewing industry, we include trips to independent craft breweries, brew pubs and historic family breweries which have operated for over 100 years. Visits to ingredient suppliers are also included, notably the maltsters which produce the traditional British malt with which you will brew your own beer. A tour and tasting is included at a successful Scottish distillery.

    Weekend trips to Edinburgh and York provide the opportunity to explore and learn about historic British cities. Of course, no visit to the UK would be complete without experiencing an authentic British pub so whilst you are with us you will have opportunity to visit a number of our favourite establishments.

    Experience Placements

    Our students unanimously agree that Brewlab placements in working breweries are a real highlight of the course. More than being a popular element of the wider Brewlab experience, placements provide excellent opportunities to meet working brewers to broaden your technical knowledge and feel part of the brewing fraternity. Many students keep in contact with their placement breweries and establish long term links, exchanging information, news, advice and recipes.

  • Accommodation is provided and managed by Brewlab to ensure a suitable standard for security and quality of provision.

    The level of accommodation is based on, and typically sited within university halls comprising individual student rooms and shared living facilities for up to 8 students per hall. Students have access to their hall and individual access to their student room through secure locking systems. On university sites security is provided 24/7. 24/7 access is available to Brewlab support personnel during the course period and from arrival and to departure points. En suite provision may be available on request and some accommodation have recreational services shared with students on other courses.

    Personal provision

    All students have personal room space with bed and bedding, study area with lighting and document storage. Wardrobe and clothes storage is available with ironing facilities shared among hall residents.

    Covid-19 security and protection

    Accommodations are given full sanitation and deep clean between users and have stocks of disinfectants and cleaning materials. Codes of practice and good management are prescribed to all students to ensure compliance to distancing, personal hygiene and routine cleaning advice.
    Testing facilities are available for routine use and quarantine procedures available to isolate infections and prevent transmission.

    Cooking and meal provision

    Accommodation will provide for cooking and food storage provision. These allow individual and group meals to be prepared with common eating areas available. Cooking facilities include kettle, coffee maker, hob and microwave, pans, full range of implements, crockery and cutlery.

  • What if Brewlab cancels the program prior to the original start date?

    Brewlab will refund students all payments made, including the application deposit and confirmation payment.

    What if the student’s home university moves to suspend participation in a Spring, Summer or Fall 2022 or later program?

    Students enrolled in Spring, Summer or Fall 2022 programs and beyond are subject to Brewlab’s standard withdrawal policies.

    • More than 60 days out from the program start date: Brewlab will refund all payments made, including application deposit and the confirmation payment.
    • 31-59 days out from the program start date: Brewlab will retain only the application deposit and the confirmation payment and will refund all other program fees.
    • 1-30 days out from the program start date: Students are responsible for 50% of the program fee, plus the application and confirmation deposits.
    • NOTE: Fees associated with special services such as visa processing and credit card transaction fees are not refundable regardless of the timing of cancellation.

    What if the student seeks to withdraw, independently of any decisions made by Brewlab or their home university?

    Students enrolled in Summer or Fall 2022 programmes will be subjected to the following policies.

    • Withdrawals 61+ days out from the program start date: Brewlab will refund all payments made, except the application deposit.
    • Withdrawals 31-60 days prior to program start date: Brewlab will refund all fees, except the application deposit and confirmation payment.
    • Withdrawals 1 – 30 days prior to the program start date: The student is responsible for 50% of the program cost plus the application deposit and confirmation payment, as well as any additional fees accrued.
    • Withdrawal on the program start date or after the program has begun: The student is responsible for 100% of the program cost as well as any additional fees accrued.

    No refunds from Brewlab will be provided to students if a program is cancelled or suspended after the program start date, nor if a university moves to recall students from abroad after the program has begun.

    NOTE: Fees associated with special services such as visa processing and credit card transaction
    fees are not refundable regardless of the timing of cancellation.

    What is Brewlab’s deferral policy?

    The opportunity to study and travel internationally is something we hope all students can experience. In the event that Brewlab cancels a program due to an infectious disease outbreak such as COVID-19 or should a student choose to not travel internationally at this time, we encourage all applicants to consider deferring to a future program. A student can defer their application to the same program next year or to another upcoming program that fits their academic or career goals. As long as the student makes this decision 61 or more days prior to the program start date, all deposits can be transferred to the future program.
    If Brewlab cancels a program, the Program Coordinator/Manager will invite students to consider deferring. If a student makes the choice not to go abroad before Brewlab has cancelled, they can simply email us to defer their enrolment. Please note that the standard withdrawal policy will be applied to the new session and the application deposit is non-refundable unless a student is not admitted into the Brewlab program or the Brewlab program is cancelled.

    If a student prefers to withdraw from a program, they will need to alert the Program Coordinator/Manager in writing, as soon as possible.
    As global COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions continue to evolve, so too will our policies in response to the current pandemic. We will do our best to keep our students informed directly and through our social media.
    Curious which options work best for you? Please contact us for support.

    Covid-19 and infectious disease policy.

    • As an Brewlab student, you are entitled to protective measures. Infectious disease such as COVID-19 related withdrawals from any 2022 or subsequent program also carry these protections.
    • These protective measures include:Reimbursement of all direct payments to Brewlab if your program is suspended prior to start date due to infectious disease restrictions.
    • Option to defer to the same program during another term at no additional cost (with home college/university approval).
    • Option to complete your program’s academic requirements online if your program is suspended while in progress.

  • One Awards

    2015 to Present

    One Awards is an independent accrediting body licensed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) providing Quality Standard Accreditation to Brewlab Certificate and Diploma courses.

    One Awards provides support for course development and quality compliance as well as providing access courses to higher education in the UK and overseas.
    Brewlab courses are appraised in annual audits by One Awards covering facilities, teaching curricula, teaching staff, delivery, reporting systems, feedback implementation and recruitment.

    Institute of Brewing and Distilling

    Brewlab trainers and courses are recognised with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) an international professional body providing services to the brewing industry. IBD examinations and tuition support include examinations in brewing, distillation, malting and cider production.
    Foundation, certificate, diploma and master brewer levels provide for career development and are promoted by Brewlab to students seeking professional qualifications.
    Brewlab staff are active members of the Institute of Brewing serving on regional committees, providing input to teaching developments and contributing to publications.

    Society of Independent Brewers (UK) and Brewers Association (USA)

    Brewlab is an associate member of professional bodies for small brewers – both the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) attending regional and national meetings and events and the Brewers Association contributing to publications and events.

    Brewlab laboratory services are members of professional bodies involved in setting and monitoring standards for analytical procedures in beverage industry. These include the beverage Inter Laboratory Collaboration Scheme (ILCS) for which Brewlab manages distribution of collaborative test samples and data base analysis.
    Brewlab also participates in the Brewing Analytes Proficiency Scheme (BAPS) which is UKAS accredited and supported by the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC). Brewery audits are conducted to SALSA and SIBA standards as required by major customers particularly for compliance to supermarket purchasing standards.

    University Affiliations

    Johnson Wales University has contracted Brewlab to provide a three credit Study Abroad certificate course to food science and catering students since 2017. Scheduled in June the provision is based on the Brewlab Certificate in Practical Brewing course and includes additional visits to supplement the standard content.
    Brewlab provides specialist input to undergraduate courses at the Universities of Sunderland and Newcastle. These include BSc courses in pharmacy and food science providing access and instruction in beverage production.
    A training project commissioned by Cardiff University for the Welsh Government is currently in place to provide nation-wide training on-site and on-line to all breweries in Wales.

    Institution Affiliations

    Brewlab has collaborative partnerships with institutions on formal research projects including the John Innes Institute conducting research supported by government grants into crop production and quality Further projects are engaged with the University of Northumbria into sustainable packaging using recycled brewery by-products and the University of Sunderland on molecular biology analysis of historical brewing artifacts

    Brewlab has been registered with the European Union ERASMUS scheme and received regular placements of students from European Institutions as part of their study enhancements. Placements have also been supported from the ERASMUS scheme for young entrepreneurs looking to develop business ideas in beverage production. Participation in replacement exchange programmes is envisaged when conditions allow.

    Business Affiliations

    Brewlab is a member of the North East Chamber of Commerce, of the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers (BFBi) association and has received grant funding from regional and national bodies for business developments.

  • Study Abroad Certificate Graduate

    Drew attended Brewlab by taking part in the study abroad programme offered by Johnson and Wales University, who are based in America. We offer their students the chance to immerse themselves in British brewing whilst experiencing some fantastic tourism.

    Here’s a bit about me: I came to Johnson and Wales University because of the top-notch Hospitality program, and after finishing my associate degree in Culinary Arts, I knew I wanted to cultivate my passion for beverages. I want to be a food and beverage manager when I graduate. Many applicants study food, but don’t have the opportunity to study beverages. This program gave me that opportunity.

    Originally, I never intended to do this study abroad, let alone take beer classes. I discovered beer as a result of taking Brewing Arts for my Sommelier minor. While I was in that class, my instructor, Jennifer Pereira, was excited that the Craft Brewing minor was starting up in the Fall of 2017. So, I added that on to my program of study.

    At this point, I was pursuing two bachelor’s degrees:

    • Culinary Arts & Food Service Management
    • Restaurant, Food & Beverage Management

    and two Minors, Sommelier and Craft Brewing, as well as an MBA with a Concentration in Organizational Leadership.

    Despite all of this, I’m still graduating in 4 years. One of the reasons I loved the 99 Bottles program was because it took place during the summer. For 3 weeks, you get to go to Sunderland, UK, a coastal town in the north of England. How many other people can say that?

    I’ve been fortunate to call this my 3rd Study Abroad program. Last summer, I did the 500 Corks program in Germany and France. This past spring break, I completed the Volcanic Island Wines program in the Azores.

    I can honestly say that the Brewlab program was the most challenging, but also the most rewarding.

    The Typical Brewlab Day

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough students to warrant an advisor coming on the trip with us, but this meant that on the program, we were immersed with US residents. In total, there were 10 of us — 4 Americans and 6 Brits.

    One of the things I loved most about Brewlab is that they’re based out of Sunderland. Europe, in general, encourages a culture of walking, which I love. There was a Metro station close to our accommodations, and several pubs within easy access. There was even a trivia night at a local pub that I went to with some of the Brewlab staff. So much fun!

    Brewlab’s building is about a 20 minute walk from the student accommodations, and we usually started our day around 9:30am. We were in class until about 5:30pm. Upon arrival, we were given a ginormous binder with roughly 700 pages of PowerPoint presentations.

    During the day, we spent some quality time doing lectures. Although our instructors’ accents were difficult to understand at first, we got used to them after a few days. We were lectured by a master brewer who used to work at Heineken, a microbiologist, and other local experts on business practices. The depth of their knowledge is extraordinary. We also got to learn from the staff of Darwin Brewery, which is located within the same facility.

    In order to brew, you have to understand brewing science. Once you do, you’re free to experiment.”
    Wait a second! Didn’t I say this was a brewing arts study abroad? Just because we had a lot of material to get through doesn’t mean that we didn’t also have fun brewing. You see, in order to brew, you have to understand brewing science. Once you do, you’re free to experiment. That’s the fun part. I brewed a raspberry lemon wheat beer the first week and an orange-hibiscus amber ale the second week.

    The next few days after we brewed, we would check up on the beers. This provided a great break between lectures. We brewed in 25 liter batches, which is roughly 5 gallons. We couldn’t all brew at once, so we would take turns.

    One day, we would brew, and the next day, we would spend a day helping out at a local brewery. I chose to stay at the Darwin Brewery downstairs, but other students took the Metro an hour away to Newcastle. It’s just like doing an internship for your degree here. You gain relevant work experience. This helps tremendously in your marketability for getting a job in a brewery after a program. This was our typical routine Monday through Thursday. But, this all changed on the weekend…

    Weekend Excursions

    One of the best parts about the Brewlab study abroad was the weekend trips. The first weekend, we went to Edinburgh, Scotland. On the way, we stopped by Simpson’s Malt, which supplies quality malt to breweries and distilleries all over the UK and the world. If you’ve never been to a maltster before, it’s an incredible experience. Seeing so much malt germinating, drying, and kilning really helps clarify the process.

    We also went to the Glenkinchie Distillery, which was a treat. I’ve never been to a distillery before, so it was incredibly insightful. Glenkinchie had the largest copper pot still on the mainland. It was huge!

    The following weekend, we went to York to visit a couple of breweries there. On the way, we went to Masham to the Black Sheep Brewery. If you’ve never seen beer ferment before, watching the yeast is a magical experience. In order for alcohol to be made, the yeast needs to be happy. And when yeast is happy, it gets bubbly. When you brew beer in large volumes, you can really notice the yeast bubbling. During the tour of that brewery, that yeast was very happy.

    It’s kind of surreal when you tour a brewery and understand exactly what the tour guide says and what’s around you. Brewlab does that for you. They take your existing knowledge and completely transform it. After Brewlab, most students open up their own breweries. Some of our students are currently laying out their plans right now. For me, that wasn’t the end goal. I mentioned earlier how I wanted to obtain a beverage education. For what I want to do, knowing HOW to brew is so much more valuable than doing it. I now know how to answer customer questions.

    Before leaving England for good, our group went on one more excursion — we traveled to the Northumberland Cheese Company to tour their farm and facility. Most cheese factories don’t allow you to go inside because of potential contamination issues. (I learned this in the Exploring Cheese class that’s new to the JWU curriculum.)

    I’m happy that Brewlab’s coordinated excursions weren’t all about beer. After all, understanding beer and food pairing is an important part of the industry, and there is nothing more quintessential than beer and cheese. I’m glad we got to experience it.

    A Final Note

    I had such a blast learning at Brewlab during June. For 3 weeks, I got to experience brewing, which I NEVER thought I would ever do. I did it with amazing people I hope to stay in touch with. Now that I’ve earned my Certificate in Practical Brewing, I’m one step closer on my quest to work in the industry. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

    I strongly encourage you to check out this program. The Brewlab staff is absolutely amazing and incredibly accommodating. You will learn so much in such a short time that you’ll be boggled by all your newfound knowledge. I know I am.

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