Brewlab conducts research into brewing topics, particularly those relevant to small scale production. We are partnered with breweries, institutions, and suppliers to develop initiatives and unique products.

Example research studies:

Chevallier barley

A long-term research project conducted in collaboration with the John Innes Research Centre has investigated the potential of the historic Chevallier barley variety. Initial work with the University of Sunderland identified the strong disease resistance of the variety and a further PhD investigated how this could be transferred in a breeding experiment to more modern varieties. The potential of Chevallier was determined using Brewlab’s production brewery providing information to support the release of the variety to the brewing trade.

 Filter efficiency

Beer filtration can cause a major reduction in protein and a subsequent effect on head retention as well as blinding filters and slowing processing. Brewlab worked with a major filter producer to investigate this problem. Assessing the specific adsorption of proteins on filter materials allowed the development of materials and processes to optimise filtration and limit the effects on beer quality.

 Beer line hygiene

Dispense of beers is a major area of product contamination and is critically dependent on the hygiene of the beer lines. Brewlab worked with a major manufacturer of beer lines to assess the hygiene of different polymers on biofilm production and allow the development of better dispense systems.

 Microbiology of natural fermentations.

Natural fermentations can produce some novel products with unique flavours.  They may also harbour health contaminants and so require safety assessment. Using next generation DNA sequencing we analysed example beers to determine the range of yeast and bacteria present and provide reassurance of safety and absence of pathogens. Sequential sampling provided a view of the microbial succession during fermentation allowing selection of the best point to stabilise and package.

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