Antonis Kotronis

Diploma Graduate

Keith Brewery Ltd. is a craft brewery based in the town of Keith in the heart of the whisky distilling region of Speyside. Instead of whisky though they spend all their time, effort and passion producing a delicious range of hand-crafted beers and ales. From lager and coffee stout to a hop filled IPA and barley wine, all of their products have four things in common. The best hops and Scottish malts that money can buy, water sourced from their private borehole in the brewery and no chemicals. With a £500,000 investment in bespoke brewing capex in 2016, Keith Brewery Ltd. now has an in-house one-stop-shop of production, bottling and labelling, with a brewing capacity of 14,000 litres at any one time.

What are your roles at the brewery?

I’m the head brewer in the Keith Brewery and my role as head brewer involve many different tasks including:

  • Managing the day-to-day operations of the brewery
  • Checking brewing conditions
  • Managing Resources
  • Record keeping and quality control
  • Develop new brewing recipes to meet market demand
  • Managing other brewers
  • Setting production goals
  • Responsibility for maintaining Occupational H&S and compliance with food standards

How has Brewlab helped in the set up and running of the brewery?

The Brewlab course gave me the knowledge to face all the challenges that come with setting up and running of a brewery.

At the start of your career in brewing, what inspired you to do the Brewlab course?

I was looking for the best and fastest way to gain knowledge for a better understanding of the brewing process that would help me to evolve as a brewer. My current role in the brewing industry proves that i made the correct decision.

What areas of the Brewlab course were most beneficial to you?

I must say all the areas are beneficial because they combine the theoretical and practical side in the best possible way.

Was it a welcoming environment at Brewlab?

Everything and everyone is great. I wish I could do it again.

How beneficial did you find the practical side of the Brewlab course? Was there a part of the course you particularly liked/enjoyed?

It’s greatly beneficial. I believe that’s the strong point of the Brewlab course compared to other courses. You can understand to a certain point with the lectures but it is the practical side that gives the full package of understanding. Of course, my favourite part was the creation of new recipes and brewing them.

Do you have a recipe you are most proud of? What plans do you have for the future?

All my recipes are my babies, but I can say my favourites are the Pale Keith, Stout Keith and Wry.

I plan to continue to develop new recipes and make great beer!

Thank you Brewlab!!

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