Grant Sparling

Diploma Graduate

Grant Sparling completed the Diploma course and is now General Manager at Cowbell Brewing Co., Blyth, Ontario, Canada.

Brewlab provided a fantastic crash course in brewing operations and gave me the tools to lead an ambitious team to design, build, commission and operate a state-of-the-art, custom 50 hL brewhouse. Prior to the course I had zero experience with brewing, and following the course I possessed the skill set to work with our experienced brewing team to build the Cowbell portfolio of beers. The leadership at Brewlab is professional, experienced and teaches both theory and real world skills to round out the education. The hands on nature of the course reinforced concepts from the classroom and provided tangible examples of brewing and ancillary activities in a brewery.

As a Canadian studying in the U.K., I was able to immerse myself a different beer culture and enjoy a unique ‘study abroad’ experience.

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