Peter Schulpen

Certificate Graduate

I’m an Airline captain from Belgium currently flying the Airbus A380 in the Middle East.

I’ve been an expat since my teenage years when my family moved from Belgium to Spain, since then I have worked in Belgium, Holland, The UK and the Middle East.

My Belgian heritage has always given me a taste for beer and as my job gets me to travel all over the world I recently developed an interest in craft beer. As craft beer is hardly available in my current country, I decided to look into other options and got involved into the homebrew world.

In the pursuit of making better beer, I started looking for more in-depth knowledge of the whole brewing process than what was available in on-line forums. This led me to look for a proper education. After looking at several options I decided to go for the Brewlab course as it gave me the best compromise between location, course duration, content and price.

The more I got involved in craft beer the more I started thinking about opening my own craft brewery / taproom. As both my family and I love Australia, we are planning to start one there.

At this stage I’m writing a business plan and have started to look at options for both equipment and location.

I do believe the whole course is very complete and as such all areas / topics were useful. I really enjoyed the placements and the brewing on big industrial kit, especially the practical side of it. The only regret I have is I wasn’t able to attend the 9 week course (as I’m not able to get such a long time off work) as personally I would have liked more time to go more in depth into the different subjects and get more time and hands on experience.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a keen interest in brewing who wants to go pro. Further I was extremely pleased with the whole Brewlab team for their warm support and professionalism during and after the course.

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