Sam Jory

Diploma Graduate

I come from a music background, but always enjoyed beer. When I started my music degree I got a job at a craft beer shop, Utobeer, and soon after learning about beer, I wanted to learn brewing. I started out by volunteering at breweries in London, one of which was owned by the shop. This brewery is Tap East; I was able to go in regularly and get comfortable with the brewing process.

Even before working at Utobeer, I would regularly seek out good beer with friends. We actually went to Utobeer’s other pub, the Rake, so when I started they were jealous of me working at that company! Working at Utobeer helped me develop my palate and understanding with beer, including all styles and the brewing process.

A year before Brewlab I moved to Victoria, BC Canada to start work in breweries, but decided I needed education to be a successful brewer. With a lot of research, Brewlab stood out as the best option, being a shorter, intensive diploma and the practical aspect.

Having such a wealth of expertise in the tuition, and of course drinking your own recipes and your classmates’ ! Touring regional breweries, visiting old pubs and seeing some incredible sceneries was awesome too.

Upon graduating I started as brewer at Brixton brewery in south London. During my 10 months there I gained huge amounts of brewing experience in fast paced production environments, recipe development and running production with a small brewing team. I redeveloped a core brand and co-created a beer which is now a core brand.

I am currently employed on the packaging team at Parallel 49 Brewing Company in Vancouver. Brewing and cellaring will follow soon.

Having the ability to create and develop my own beers is the biggest thing for me. The other would be getting such a great reference; it really helped me get a job in the brewing industry.

My goal is to open my own brewery here in British Columbia, likely in Victoria. I have a dream of opening a place where the brewhouse and taproom has a waterfront view; it’s quite special out here. Until then I plan to gain as much experience as a brewer and running the cellar and production areas.

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