Thiago Galbeno

Diploma Graduate

Thiago completed the Diploma course and went on to set up and operate Perro Libre in Porto Alegre, Brazil

What inspired you to do the Brewlab course?

I was a homebrewer since 2011 and every new batch I brewed, I would get more and more into the details and techniques of brewing… As I started reading more and more about brewing and realized how passionate I was about It, It became clear that I needed professional education so that I could pursuit It in a comercial scale. Was by searching the best places to study that I found brewlab and what really stranded out on my opinion was the fact that the course was focused not only about brewing, but on really showing you the whole thing.

What areas of the Brewlab course were most beneficial to you?

Definitely the brewing classes and lab work. All the areas were beneficial and I learned a lot with them, but the time dedicated to brewing and learning about It was fundamental to understanding how to put theories and studies on a pint of beer. Lab classes were incredible because in my opinion is what changes the whole game. With lab knowledge, you can aim for precision and brewing consistent batches.

How beneficial did you find the practical side of the Brewlab course?

The practical side was very important for me. We brewed pretty much every week and on each batch we could test theories and what we have learned on classes. You could also test your own opinions and compare to what you thought you could get on a final beer. Also the fact that everyone was brewing, It’s not only you who is testing, but everybody, so the discussions were just as helpful If not more.

Was there a part of the course you particularly liked/enjoyed?

I particularly enjoyed a lot the friendship environment. Brewlab is very serious about education and beer, but the people in there know how to do It in a very informal way. I always felt very comfortable with asking anything. The staff is very well trained and dedicated.

Where do you work now?

2 partners and I started Perro Libre in 2014, a microbrewery located in Porto Alegre, extreme south of Brazil.

What is your position?

We are in that startup phase where you do pretty much a bit of everything. But as we are growing and getting more people with us, there is more time to focus on brewing and making sure that we are growing by doing what in believe in.

If you decided you set up yourself, how is it going?

It has been extreme. This is the best word to describe the last year. We are a very tiny gypsy microbrewery, but when we remember our first couple months, when we struggled to sell about 600 liters each month, and realize that now we are about to double our current production size, It’s definitely extreme. But what really excites me is that we are succeeding in doing what we believe in. Business isn’t only about sales and numbers, maybe for some people, but we truly believe in having a positive impact in the world, you know? I like to ask why do we exist and how our existence affects our environment.

How much beer do you produce?

Right now we produce and sell around 3.000l liters a month. In april we will be doubling that number and If things go as we expect to, we should be producing around 10.000l/month by the end of the year

Do you have a recipe you are most proud of?

I truly believe in brewing only beer that I am proud of. I couldn’t wake up to brew beer that I don’t really like. But If I have to choose one of ou current 3 styles, I would go with Viva la Revolución, a “Hop pils” brewed with lager malts, american hops and dry hopped like a good IPA. Not only for the fun It is to brew such a beer, but to see people’s reaction with It. You see, Brazil Is a very warm place to be in in, specially during the summer, so what we get as pilsners here are normally standard american lagers, with very light body, flavor, aroma… Even to sell such a beer here to our partners that aren’t “beer geek stores”is extremely challenging.

What plans do you have for the future?

Right now we’re focused on a seasonal beer that we will launch on march and our expansion for April. A little bit later will come our very first one year of existence, so we’re definitely thinking of something for that (June). Some new recipes are also always on our radar…
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