Þorsteinn Snævar Benediktsson

Certificate Graduate

I had been working as chef for several years and homebrewing at the same time – I realised I was more passionate and excited about my beers so thought why not brew for a living? 

Why did you choose to study with Brewlab? 

There are no brewing schools in Iceland, so I had to look abroad. Brewlab was great as studying in English was a better option to me than any other language. After lots of research, Brewlab caught my eye as the outstanding option.

What aspects of the course did you find most useful? 

It’s hard to say which experience was the most useful. Working with Arthur, both in classroom and downstairs in the brewery was great and Keith’s knowledge of yeast was amazing. There are still many times I refer back to my glossary! To see some operating craft breweries and spending time working there was also great!

What have you done since the course? 

I returned to my hometown, Húsavík, in Northern Iceland and saved some money to buy equipment – about two years later l started brewing professionally! I set up Húsavík öl and recently opened taproom too, it’s going great.

Would you recommend Brewlab?

I would not hesitate to recommend Brewlab for anyone that wants to step up their brewing game and open a brewery! The facilities and staff were superb! Cheers!

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