Hi, I’m Kristian Harris, founder of The Gentleman Brewing Company. Though my background is in IT, the allure of crafting something tangible and unique led me to the world of brewing. Starting a business from scratch, especially in an industry as dynamic as craft beer, has been an exhilarating addition o my IT career.

About Our Business and Products:
At The Gentleman Brewing Company, our philosophy is deeply rooted in the ‘Bottom-Up Brewery Concept.’ This innovative approach prioritises developing a strong brand identity and high-quality products before investing in physical brewery assets. Our focus is on creating exceptional beers that stand out in the craft beer market, both in flavour and character.

Our Unique Beer Lineup:

  1. The Explorer Stout: This is where adventure meets the palate. A dark, robust stout, The Explorer is inspired by the courage and resilience of legendary explorers. It’s a beer that promises a journey with every sip, ideal for those who seek bold, rich flavors.
  2. The Squire Blonde Ale: Elegance in a bottle, The Squire is a tribute to the quintessential English gentleman. It’s a well-rounded blonde ale, offering a sophisticated blend of charm and taste, perfect for those who appreciate a classic, refined beer.
  3. The Henry Bitter: Representing the urban intellect, The Henry is a modern traditional bitter with a complex character. It’s a brew that mirrors the multifaceted nature of the English city gentleman – refined, yet robust, and utterly inviting.
  4. The Botanist: A nod to nature’s bounty, The Botanist is our unique plant-based beer alternative. It’s a testament to health-conscious brewing, incorporating botanical elements for a refreshing and nourishing experience.
  5. The Captain IPA: Bold and adventurous, The Captain embodies the spirit of legendary sea captains. This IPA is a journey of flavors, marked by a strong hop profile and an indomitable character, perfect for those seeking a beer that’s as daring as they are.
  6. The Stockbroker Lager: Crafted for precision and strategy, The Stockbroker is a lager that speaks to the astute and discerning. It’s a beer that stands for balance and sharpness, much like its namesake, making it ideal for those who appreciate the finer details.

Our beers are more than just beverages; they are stories in a bottle, each with a unique character and narrative. By embracing the ‘Bottom-Up Brewery Concept,’ we’ve been able to focus intensely on the quality and distinctiveness of our products. This approach has allowed us to experiment and perfect our recipes without the overheads of a traditional brewery setup. We prioritize what matters most – the beer and the brand.

In our journey with Brewlab, we’ve embraced this concept wholeheartedly. They’ve been instrumental in helping us develop these unique brews, ensuring that each beer not only tastes exceptional but also captures the essence of its character. This has been crucial for us in building a brand that stands out in the competitive craft beer market.

Our Journey:
The journey began with a vision to create a unique brand in the brewery business, focusing on quality and branding over initial investment in premises and equipment. Our strategy was to use contract brewing to bring our product to market quickly and use profits for future expansion. This approach aligns with our values of sustainability and quality.

Working with Brewlab:
Choosing Brewlab was a pivotal decision in our journey. Their expertise in creating great-tasting beer from the start was crucial for us as a startup. With Brewlab’s lab facilities, we had the reassurance of quality in our trial beers. Their small-scale brewing systems allowed us to create batches for trials and initial marketing without a significant upfront investment. A special mention goes to Phil Douglas, who developed the recipes that have become the backbone of our beer range.

Where to Find Our Product:
Our beers are available at www.tgbco.co.uk, where customers can order online. We’ve embraced an innovative approach to marketing and sales, focusing on an online presence and expanding our reach through various channels.

Would We Recommend Brewlab?
Absolutely, without a doubt! Brewlab’s combination of professional expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and a hands-on approach to recipe development is unparalleled. For anyone looking to enter the brewing industry or expand their range, Brewlab is an excellent partner. Plus, their tap room on Fridays is not to be missed – it’s the perfect blend of professional insight and casual beer enjoyment.

In conclusion, Brewlab has been instrumental in The Gentleman Brewing Company’s story, helping us turn a bold idea into a range of exceptional beers. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.

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