It’s fair to say that wasn’t quite how we expected 2020 to go – we certainly didn’t think to mention global pandemics or national lockdowns when we were making the wall planner this time last year.

2020 has been as different as it has difficult yet the whole industry has responded with great spirit and resilience at the most challenging of times. We at Brewlab continue to count ourselves fortunate to serve this dynamic community and are looking forward to a bright future for us all.

Whilst no one knows what next year looks like, we’re at least hoping to stick to the general idea there’ll be 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days! So we went ahead and got the 2021 wall planner printed!

The planner features various notable dates along with some useful informaiton and brewing charts.

We’ve dispatched a fair number of planners already to breweries around the UK, however, we have printed a few less this year so please shout up if you want one.  The planner is completely complimatary and we’ll send for free around the UK.

Please contact for further information.

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