Since our foundation in 1986 Brewlab has run over 100 training courses and trained over 2000 students from all over the world. It would be easy to assume those learning to brew fit a certain profile (males of a certain age perhaps?), but the truth is our cohorts are often hugely diverse made up of participants of varying ages and genres from different backgrounds and cultures. Some from just around the corner and others travelling thousands of miles they come together and share a common purpose – to learn more about beer and how to make it the Brewlab way.

One of the many advantages of studying at Brewlab is that, as a student, you get to hone your knowledge and skills within a group made of fellow learners from all over the world. Our participants may come from different backgrounds and have completely different life experiences but once they put on the famous blue Brewlab T-shirt they are bound by a common bond – their love for brewing.

It’s a privilege to teach these committed and passionate brewers and, as a testament to our approach, many past students have gone on to build some of the biggest names in brewing across the world. Famous names within the industry such as Gareth Williams of Tiny Rebel, Larry Bell of Bells Brewery in the USA and Logan Plant of Beavertown Brewery to a name but a few.

We believe that learning as part of a group helps accelerate knowledge and competence. The true test of knowing if you understand a concept or not is if you are able to explain it to someone else. Studying with others gives you an opportunity to better understand a topic by discussing it with fellow students. Put simply if you draw a blank when someone asks you to explain a concept – you need to study more.

Not understanding a concept and having no one around to help can be very frustrating. A major benefit of studying in a group is being able to ask an expert and/or your fellow students if something doesn’t make sense. Having others around to help review your output and taste the beer you produce also offers you a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills required to produce favourable outcomes.

Learning in a group promotes, camaraderie, discussion and debate. Many of our students derive energy from being around other people and look forward to learning and discussing materials with fellow participants.

Professional training represents a significant investment both in time and money. Add to that the fact that some people have travelled great distances to learn and it’s easy to see why Brewlab students are motivated and keen to get the most from their time with us. We find our groups motivate each other to study most effectively too. As professional trainers, we ensure we don’t rush through subjects, but rather focus on comprehension to ensure everyone is engaged and on track.

Brewlab provides a space and a structure for people to align around a shared goal. Our courses are designed to be aspirational, expertly blending and the theoretical and practical side of brewing we hold each student accountable to a common agenda, metrics, and outcomes. This enables participants to share results and learn from each other, thereby improving their ability to achieve rapid yet significant progress.

Help from the Brewlab community continues long after graduation too. Our alumni network is spread across the world. An engaged and passionate group who keep in touch, many are more than happy to assist new graduates with help, advice and opportunities for career progression.

Learning the Brewlab way means you will be joining a worldwide community of brewers. Our approach builds understanding, leadership and best practice. Connecting students and graduates and encouraging them to share knowledge and opportunities to progress is the secret of both their and our success. but don’t just take our word for it listen to what our students say about learning the Brewlab way

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