What Brewlab provides.

Looking to develop your brewing knowledge and skills?  Thinking of a career in the brewing, distilling or beverage industries? Training with Brewlab has been a successful route for many of our students and their start up breweries.  It not only provides motivation and encouragement but gives you important qualifications to confirm your knowledge and skills to partners, employers and funders.

At Brewlab you learn both theory and practice with extensive hands-on brewing to provide you with confidence in your abilities.  We teach you the concepts of the brewing process, the mechanics of recipe formulation and the processes necessary to produce a high-class product – time after time.

Our courses integrate the many aspects required for a brewing position – raw material selection and handling, wort production, fermentation and conditioning, packaging and quality assurance.  We include skills of management, marketing and sales and take you through how to design and build your brew system – and avoid the mistakes made by others.

We provide you with advanced facilities for you to develop your beers on experimental and commercial scales from 30 to 400 litres and with opportunity for trial marketing in local outlets.  Our brew systems include packaging in bottle, keg and cask and we have extensive laboratory resources for you to assess beer quality and character.

Brewlab tutors are all experienced brewers and accredited by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD).  Our courses are accredited for Certificate and Diploma awards by One Award body and many of our students progress to achieve IBD qualifications on the basis of our instruction.

What to expect.

When you enrol on a Brewlab course we will provide you with a fully informative guide to brewing – as notes and workbooks, via web resources, and in tutorials, lectures and workshops.  All our professional brewing courses have access to commercial brewing for illustrations and demonstrations of techniques.

We provide you with your own brewing system for you to develop skills and to try out recipes with full support of our experienced brewers and tutors.  We organise placements in commercial breweries for you to see a variety of brew systems and meet the brewing fraternity.  These placements give you a real and honest view of the life of a brewer and experience of the range of activities.  Many of our students remain in touch with their placements and exchange information for their future developments.

During your course we give you personal tuition to develop your career prospects. Many of our brewers have taken positions in breweries before or soon after finishing their study.  Brewlab’s reputation is well recognised both in the UK and internationally.

Why choose Brewlab?

Our distinctions are many – high value training with recognised professional tutors, advanced teaching and brewing facilities, extensive track record and accreditations.  Our students speak for our quality and their breweries speak for their achievements.  We remain committed to their progress and assist our past students in their development though additional services, laboratory support and training.  We give you our full attention and an integrated package to assist your learning programme.  We provide full career support.  Not a one-off, limited view of brewing or an add-on to the purchase of your equipment but a route to a successful career, a career we can both be proud of.

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From a one-day taster session to a nine-week intensive residential course. Whatever your brewing aspirations, Brewlab training is internationally recognised as one of the best ways to acquire the skills and knowledge you need.

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