Brewlab are in process of delivering a series of courses to a number of Welsh breweries as part of training organised by the Welsh Drinks Cluster in partnership with Food Skills Cymru.

Ray Davies, founder and head brewer at Grey Trees Brewery, in Aberdare, said: “Taking part in the training was really beneficial for us, and we’re very grateful to be one of the first to have the chance. We walked away from the first session with new ideas, excited to see how the science of better brewing could be applied to our beer.

“The ability to learn about new processes and incorporate the results of Brewlab’s research into our brewing has shown immediate results. It’s also rewarding to confirm that our existing techniques, processes, and equipment are already meeting the high standards we should be aiming for.

“I can only speak for ourselves, but I think all brewers looking to ensure consistent quality would benefit from taking part in this training.”

Patrick Gee from Llanllyr Source also stated “It was an excellent course, very well put together and Arthur is a great communicator/teacher. I was totally engaged.”

Mark Grant, who leads the Beer and Cider Group as part of the Welsh Drinks Cluster, said: “Wales has a long history of producing high-quality beers and ales through a wide range of world class brewers.

“The inaugural training session will help to develop the breweries in Wales and will ensure that, as a nation, we deliver consistently high-quality beer and ale, which will enhance our reputation on the global stage.

“The training will enable the Welsh breweries to further demonstrate their passion for quality beer, and ensure that the Welsh beer and ale industry can grow sustainability.”

He added: “By supporting Welsh brewers to access the knowledge, training, and skills, we hope to ensure a level playing field that will help our Welsh industry grow.

“The goal is to ensure Welsh beer develops the reputation it deserves, both at home and abroad, and becomes one that is synonymous with consistent quality.”

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