We’ve taken our popular Brewing Skills Development course and modified it for complete online delivery. Whilst we’ll be running it around the country at different venues later in the year, we’ll also have the online option, making more convenient than ever for brewers to learn the Brewlab way and upskill.
The course is ideal course if you have some basic brewing experience and are looking to develop your knowledge of fundamental principles and perfect skills in daily operations.
Running every Thursday through August and September, you can join each day or pick and choose the areas you’re most interested in.
Our tutors will deliver online sessions covering:
Day 1. Brewing liquor, recipe formulation, malt and mashing and sparging.
Day 2. Hops, boiling, cooling, yeast management and fermentation. Beer maturation and preparation for packaging.
Day 3. Beer spoilage, microbiological assessments, quality control and due diligence.
Day 4. Innovation and advanced techniques.
Priced up at £180 a day or £550 all in.

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