Yeast performance is vital to operating an efficient brewery. Brewlab can assist in prolonging the lifespan of a yeast strain and preventing genetic drift, helping produce consistent products. This requires a detailed understanding, and continual technical assessment, of the specific yeast strains you use.

Brewlab provides specialist yeast services, from pure culture isolation, storage, and supply through to a detailed assessment of fermentation performance. To make an enquiry call our laboratory team on +44 (0)191 549 9450.

Regular Analysis

  • Contaminant free yeast is essential to your beer quality and your brewery’s efficiency.

    Using industry approved EBC methodology this service is a routine hygiene check of your yeast to ensure it is free from contamination. This will allow you to brew with confidence, maintain control, reduce losses and uphold your reputation.

  • Using industry standard microscopy techniques, this service quantifies yeast cell count of your sample as part of your regular quality control (QC) procedures.

  • Using industry standard microscopy techniques, this service determines the viability of your yeast and its suitability for brewing. This is important for brewers to know as poor yeast viability (<85%) can significantly affect fermentation efficiency.

Advanced Analysis

  • This service will define the optimal growth conditions for your yeast taking into consideration variable factors specific to your situation such as; oxygen levels, alcohol tolerance etc. This will provide you with accurate data on how your yeast performs in a given situation improving your operational efficiency.

  • Certain species of yeast and bacteria have to be identified to produce novel, differentiated beer types and consistent brewing recipes. This service applies cutting edge molecular biology techniques, allowing you to identify any particular bacterial or yeast strain so you can optimise recipe formulation and brewhouse efficiency.

  • A detailed understanding of microbial fermentation characteristics such as flocculation and sedimentation is important for understanding fermentation efficiency and flavour development. This service applies microbiological techniques to genetically identify typical strain characteristics, allowing you to optimise fermentation processes and flavour production.

  • The presence of specific genes in microorganisms can have a big impact upon fermentation, stability and flavour development. Targeting specific genes and their presence in your strains will allow you to further understand your yeast, allowing you to optimise fermentation processes making gains in efficiency.

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