Secure Yeast Storage

Owning your own individual yeast strain is increasingly used as a valuable marketing tool in promoting your beers.  Providing distinctive flavours and character a personalised yeast also provides a signature to your beers and a talking point for customers.  However, loosing that signature is a hazard if your yeast is not kept secure. Moreover, yeast genetics evolve and change with use meaning that positive features may be lost and undesirable ones develop.

Brewlab’s secure yeast storage provides insurance for your yeast strains using duplicate storage locations and -80oC preservation with locked and controlled access. On receipt we check purity and characterise your yeast features so as to provide a base line for future comparisons.  In addition, primary storage working cultures may be held if required for rapid culturing either in our own propagation system or by yourself on site.

Secure storage facility for primary stocks.

Rapid access slope for immediate culturing.

Freeze dried beads.

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